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And on that occasion Independent Croatian Trade Unions and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Croatia warned on Saturday of the injustice of global the economic system that spill over to Croatian workers and labor legislation, and sent a message on the necessity of June 2019 Calendar Spanish changing the existing rules. “The application of the existing ones has led to deeply rooted injustices of the global economic system, along with the weakening of the democratic space and the reduction of labor rights in many countries.

June 2019 Calendar Spanish

the laws are not on the side of the workers, we have faced with the unprecedented alive and devastating levels of economic inequality and insecurity, “the trade unions warn. There is enough wealth in the world to meet today’s needs – creating a decent job for everyone, providing social protection, taking care of climate change, and all the other things that need to be done to help people could live dignitously on a viable planet – “but they have to change the rules for that,” says the press release signed by NHS President Krešimir Sever and SSSH president Mladen Novosel.


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They also point out that the workers in Croatia have been increasing for many years they work in the unnecessary, insecure forms of work, where they are poorly paid and discouraged. From 2004 to today, between 94 and 96 percent of all new contracts have been concluded for some time or in some other unsafe form. It is a consequence that more and more young educated people are turning into irresponsiveness and leaving Croatia.


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On the other hand, this disadvantage becomes increasingly difficult to compensate for the “import” of foreign workers, because nowadays these workers “skip Croatia” and go to work elsewhere, the trade unions further point out.


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They see that all the latest changes in the income tax system are aimed at ” who get much more, get more and more “, and the appellants also rate the work of Sunday workers who are not legally protected by the state.” There is no worthy work without security, worthy working conditions, and worthy wages.


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the worker is entitled to a right to a decent rest from work. Croatia obviously needs a “big settlement”, a trade union position, which for employers therefore states that “Croatian workers deserve higher wages and the Croatian Government that Croatian workers deserve respect for laws in the field of work and protection work, but also the ban on trading on Sundays and holidays. It is time to change the rules in Croatia!


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“Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning Predrag Štromar on Saturday in Varaždin reported that this year 3033 applications for subsidized housing loans for young people were received or 26 percent more than last year, which is also the first year of implementing the measures of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning and the Agency for Legal Transactions and Real Estate June 2019 Calendar Spanish Intermediation (APN) for subsidizing housing loans have approved 2320 applications. “There are 2320 families in which more than 260 children have already been born. The measure was extremely successful, “said Minister Stromar.

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