June 2019 Calendar Telugu

I certainly do not do anything less than my colleagues in Germany, and not two or three times as much as I pay less … Actually, I probably work more than it is because every season there are fewer workers. It also happens that in the middle of the season the season is gone, he simply says that he can no longer … We are then permanent reorganize his tables and push him further. I do not know until dokad. June 2019 Calendar Telugu Restaurants, pizzerias, fast-food … more and more, the workforce, especially quality, is growing. Now, in September, they call me the acquaintances and ask if I know some waitress, chef, kitchen assistant … – says our interlocutor (known in the newsroom).

June 2019 Calendar Telugu

“But when I look at some of my colleagues and friends, I can still say I live decent. The wife has a solid salary, we have no children and no big expense, and I used to work …Far from losing money in his wallet, he is aware that he is in the top class of the Adriatic tourist workers with his salary and situation. The president of the Union of Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner will also agree.


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“He’s lucky because he works indefinitely, lives nearby, and receiving, whatever they are, they are coming all year long. So it is mostly workers in major, serious tourist companies. But in many small businesses, restaurants and cafes, it is 12 hours a day without a week’s holiday for mizeria, overtime is not paid, legally only gets crumbs above the minimum wage, and the rest in black.


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If a worker rebellious or ill, this second part is often never seen. So many seasons live literally in the canyons and that is why I can say that Minister Cappelliopravdano calls employers to increase their salaries. They can not get hundreds of thousands or millions of pure profits and claim that they do not have to raise their salary – says M. Cvitić.


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Among 50 conditional projects for co-financing from the Interreg V-A Italy-Croatia project, which is conducting cross-border cooperation between Croatia and Italy on European Union projects, the University of Zadar will participate in five. Within the priority axis “Environment and Cultural Heritage”, the University will be partner in three projects, while within the “Blue Innovation” axis and the “Maritime Traffic” axis will participate in one project.

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International cooperation and networking of our staff with colleagues around the world is of utmost importance for the University of Zadar. When, as in these cases, it is about projects that bring new value and benefit to the whole community.



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they can make new employment and promote sustainability as the principle of using ecological resources, the many goals set out in our strategy are fulfilled, says the rector of the University of Zadar prof. dr. sc. Dijana Vican, who since the beginning of the mandate has initiated the participation of university June 2019 Calendar Telugu professors in European and other international projects and gives them full support in their realization. Within the ADRIREEFS project, the Department of Ecology

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