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which is also said to be “unbiased to the extreme”, could make a play in the middle of London where English football players would be the most common diletanti June 2019 Calendar UK or be mocked by the soldiers who are fighting around the world. If any of that is allowed, then Freek can freely declare and “director of the century”, but we are afraid that the English prefer to look at “rude extremes” in this but rather that this theatrical provocateur, whom they called the Croatian director (!?),


June 2019 Calendar UK


put on the list of five of the most important directors, so he also occupies an “important” place in Croatia in the theatrical world, but as the biggest blefer and pest, what those seriously dealing with the theater should know! Ten candidates were nominated for the placement of the chief prosecutor in the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.


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The Bosniak Party’s chief state prosecutor is trying to install the Bosniak candidate and as the main adducing of it, he says that none of the three leading positions at the state level have any Bosniaks, Vecernjak said.

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After the chief prosecutor, two deputy chief prosecutors will be elected , but also the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which the HJPC also issued a tender after the expiration of the mandate. Ivan Matešić, Kasim Halilčević, Ismet Šuškić, Gordana Tadić, Siniša Vranješ, Saša Sarajlić, Miroslav D. Marković, Dijana Kajmaković, Munib Halilović, Tomislav Ljubić, Mustafa Hujdurović, Miroslav Janić and Seid Marušić.In the position of the chief Bosniak party attending the Bosniak party, they are trying to install the Bosniak candidate and as their main adduction they have stated that none of there are no Bosniaks in the three leading positions on the state level.



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– Neprihv atljiv is that there are no members of the Bosniak people at the top of the three most prominent positions in the judiciary. In BiH, there are enough professionals from all peoples, so the principle of proportional representation is not difficult to meet if they want – they wrote from the SDA insisting that this institution is led by Bosniak prosecutor.

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At the same time, SDAs have completely forgotten that at the state level the three leading positions in the judiciary institutions, and also the fact that, in order to comply with such a wish, the Croatian representatives were completely eliminated while the Bosniaks were given another position.


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On the head of the HJPC, headed by Milan Sergeant Tegelti from the Serb people, the Court of BiH, where Ranko Debevec, who comes from the minority group, and Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic, who is Croatian, should also be counted on the position of the chief disciplinary prosecutor. It is about the Bosniak Alen Kurspahić, who practically decides whether all judges and prosecutors are doing their job June 2019 Calendar UK well and can make a decision about their suspension. For example, the HJPC’s chief prosecutor made the decision to suspend even two of the four main prosecutors how many of them had this duty at the helm of this institution.

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