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So I call about all Croats to be aware of the value and weight of their electoral vote. Given that each of your voices can be crucial to ensuring legitimate representation at all administrative and political levels, we invite you and invite you to make the elections and give your electoral June 2019 Calendar USA vote to those who do not trade with Croatian constituency in BiH and who as their main political goal have ensuring full constituency and equality of Croats with the other two constituent peoples on all administrative and political levels throughout BiH.

June 2019 Calendar USA

Through this way, all Bosniaks, as well as their political representatives, are sending a strong invitation and a goodwill message to respect the principle of legitimate representation of constituent peoples, thereby contributing to the construction and strengthening the trust among constituent peoples and establishing legitimate, stable, functional and effective authorities in BiH. Relationships between Croats and Bosniaks went through various phases and had different effects for our peoples and the common state of BiH.


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Wrong moves were on both sides. We are sorry if some of the political moves of Croat representatives to Bosniaks are understood as denying their constitutional rights, political subjectivity and national dignity, especially in parts of BiH where Croats are most. We express our sincere regret.



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We also expect you not to do the Croats with what you would not want Croatians to do to you, whether it be elections, political or everyday life. These messages should not be considered as an expression of our weakness or fear, but by the expression of national and political maturity and strength, as well as the responsibility towards the common state.


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Croats in BiH are an indigenous, constituent and state-of-the-art people, so we invite you to build the state together with all three constituent peoples and all citizen-citizens. We are deeply convinced that only such Bosnia and Herzegovina can be a stable, functional and prosperous state – it is in an open letter signed by Dragan Čović, the President of the Croatian National People’s Party and Bozo Ljubić, the president of the HNS BiH General Council. The news came from London. The Guardian of the country included the scornful Oliver Frljić among the five most important directors in Europe.


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The list was made by theater critic Met Truman, who pointed out that he was “the most controversial theater director on the old continent and one of the most demanding” he says. He also states that his work is political satire of former Yugoslavia, war profits, increased popularity of ultra-right forces and nationalism, as well as the weakness of the newly emerging democracy. Of all that, nothing is true.


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It is a provocateur who designs the average performances, but who is allowed to spit in Croatia in the Croatian war veterans and the victims and all that Croatian breathes. In the case of such a top director, as they claim in this left-liberal list, which does not invite him to any of their theaters to make June 2019 Calendar USA a show in which we would like to show their queen and their political order as the most common garbage, or to make a play in which they would ridicule their heroic heroes and political figures, from Churchill to Margaret Thatcher.

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