June 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Additional concern in this case is caused by the fact that certain representatives of the international community in BH not only have not harshly condemned and sanctioned such anti-constitutional and anti-Denunciation actions, but were in some way encouraged and supported. And on this occasion, June 2019 Calendar With Holidays we are sending a strong and resolute call to all violators of the BiH Constitution and the Dayton Agreement, as well as to all those who in any way support it to stop such activities from damaging all the peoples and citizens of BiH and the stability, stability and functionality of the state of BiH.


June 2019 Calendar With Holidays

Instead, we invite them to work honestly, proactively and constructively with us as legitimate political representatives of Croats gathered at the Croatian People’s Assembly of BiH to build and strengthen mutual trust between constituent peoples and to build and strengthen the constitutional and legal order and state institutions in which every citizen- a citizen of this country needs and can have deep confidence.


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Such a state, among other things, is much more willing and desirable for EU and NATO membership than a state that does not respect its own constitution and violates the most important international agreement signed by its representatives.

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All political parties and actors outside the BiH HNS, as well as all representatives of the international community and all citizens and the general public in BiH and in the world once again express and confirm our unwavering determination to build a stable, functional and prosperous state of BiH to all three of its constituent peoples of all its citizens-citizens, the EU Member State and NATO.


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It will not hinder us from stopping those who have been threatening weapons and war in the last few months, as well as those who, according to the Croats in BiH, appear to be from majorist and chauvinistic positions, who would want to abolish constitutionality, deny political subjectivity and undermine dignity, and in our own country and the state to make citizens of the second order.

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With regard to the forthcoming General Elections, we call on all Croats in BiH as well as those who live outside of BiH and have BiH citizenship to go to the polls and thus fulfill their national and civic duties. Croats are a constituent people in BiH, and the essence of constituency is the ability of the constituent people to freely and independently choose their legitimate political representatives for those authorities that are intended to represent the constituent peoples of the BiH Constitution.


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A people to which members of the other people elect political representatives is not a constituent people, and so the elected political representatives are not legitimate representatives. Not legitimate representatives of constituent peoples can not form a legitimate and stable government, and not June 2019 Calendar With Holidays legitimate power necessarily implies the entire state introducing instability and dysfunctionality of this political and security crisis.

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