Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Which brush for which use? The question comes up frequently. ITC presents 13 basic brushes for successful makeup (Makeup Brushes and Their Uses). Know first of all that there are two different types of brush hair, natural hair and synthetic hair. They each have a specific use.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The brush for the foundation
Applying the foundation with a brush makes it easier to apply to the skin, and avoids getting your fingers dirty. These brushes can be flat, round or brush-shaped, depending on the desired finish.

The brush for concealer and corrector
Correcting its imperfection and makeup dark circles allows for a more even complexion and a more awake and bright look. It must be thin and flat to apply the product evenly and accurately to the inner corner of the eye, the corner of the nostrils or small imperfections.

Makeup Brushes and Their Uses Makeup Brushes and Their Uses Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

The brush for loose powder
Applying loose powder after the foundation and concealer helps to matify the complexion and make makeup hold all day without it sneaking between wrinkles. It can be more or less big but soft and soft so as to deposit the powder lightly.

The brush for contouring
Contouring allows you to refine certain parts of your face by playing with shadows and light. It can be done using powders, sticks or liquids. Thanks to its flat or beveled shape, it allows a precise application of the tan.

The brush for the blush
The touch of blush on the cheek cheekbones guarantees a good-looking effect guaranteed, be it coral, golden or pink. The head in the shape of a feather duster allows a precise and soft application of the blush.

The brush for the highlighter
The highlighter, in combination with contouring or alone, adds a glowy touch to shine throughout the day. It can be applied with the brush for loose powder in small touches above the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose and on Cupid’s bow. But we prefer a nice fan brush for a light application.

The brush for the highlighter The brush for the highlighter The brush for the highlighter

Brush for eyebrows
A beautiful eyebrow well drawn immediately gives a sophisticated touch to your eyes. The eyebrows support it and enhance it. Rather than buying an eyebrow brush and a bottle brush, there are two handsets on the market. The brush must be fine and beveled to follow the line of the eyebrow and mimic the shape of the hair.

Shading brush
The shadow brush is THE base of the brushes to make up the eyes. It is with him that the eye shadows are uniformly deposited on the mobile eyelid of the eye. It can be more or less flat but thick enough to take enough material for a uniform application and provided.

The brush for the hollow of the eyelid
Adding a dark point in the hollow of the eyelid helps to define it. She immediately gives depth to make-up and look. The brush should be oval and bushy for a precise but light application that can be easily blurred.

The blending brush
A beautiful make-up of the eyes passes by a good blurring of colors for a finish without demarcations, and smockies perfectly blurred. The shape in small thick ball guarantees a mixture of the colors without demarcations.

The eyeliner brush
A very fine brush and angled allows to make a line of eyeliner for cat’s eyes at the height of seduction. To realize with a eyeliner in pot or with a little moistened eyeshadow. Its shape, imitating a tip of felt or fine bevel, also makes it possible to apply kohl in the internal lining of the eye without irritating it.

The precision brush
Use a small precision brush in the inner corner of the eye, or shade under the lower lash. It is also possible to use it with concealer and concealer to hide small imperfections.

The precision brush The precision brush The precision brush

The lip brush
The lip brush is useful for applying a lipstick of bright and intense color, like a fatal red, cleanly and precisely without overflowing with its small pointed head that slips into all corners.

The nice brush kits
It can be more profitable sometimes to buy kit brushes that cosmetic brands often offer on their websites or directly in the store. Some brands partner with artists to offer make up addicts original brushes, far from the classic black. When some offer a complete set of brushes, others choose to create specialized sets for eyebrows, essentials, basics etc.

The different makeup brushes: Description and instructions for use

Which makeup brushes to choose for makeup? There are dozens of brushes to make up, how to navigate, who to buy?

The brushes in natural bristles allow a more intense and precise application of powders and make-up. They keep particles better in the hair.

The different makeup brushes The different makeup brushes The different makeup brushes
Synthetic bristle brushes are more suitable for liquid or greasy bodies such as foundation, lipstick … They are stronger and last longer by better washing resistance.
→ The shapes are also important, the rectangular brushes are used for the precision of the lines, the beveled to be closer to the desired location. Rounded and supplied deposit and melt powders and dishes spread.

Brushes for face makeup

Powder brush
Features: Round and dense brush designed to apply loose or pressed powders, its round shape marries the face and blurs without overloading.
Uses: Apply, fade, sculpt
Instructions for use: Take a small amount of powder with the brush, then apply it by sweeping the entire face. Can be used with a tan to carve the face.

Blush paintbrush
Characteristics: A little thinner than the powder brush, it is thick and provided with rather soft natural hair. The hairs are rounded to carve the face.

Brushes for face makeup Brushes for face makeup Brushes for face makeup
Uses: Apply, fade, sculpt
How to use: We take a small amount of blush with the brush, then it is gently deposited on the curved cheekbones by small touches, while going back to the temples.

Beveled powder brush
Characteristics: It is dense and cut in angle: It is used to work the powders, structure and illuminate the face.
Use: Apply, Fade, Illuminate, Sculpt
How to use: The powder is removed with the rounded tip of the brush to apply on the cheekbones. With the bevel side, it stretches and blends to the temples. To carve the face by digging the cheeks Makeup Brushes and Their Uses, we put a shade darker under the previous at the bottom of the cheekbones, we stretch it with the bevel from the back to the front of the face.

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