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READ ALSO A cryptocurrency markets application is seen with the Bitcoin logo in the background in this photo illustration on December 1, 2017. (Photo by Jaap Arriens / NurPhoto) | No distribution to resellers.BITCOIN & CO.These things have changed the tech world forever in 2017. “Especially in logistics, manufacturing and warehousing, but also in the March 2019 Calendar Australia service sector, artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots plays a role”, explains trend expert Schleicher , In the car, assistants are on board as co-drivers, driving assistants like traffic jam pilots point the way towards autonomous driving. Homes with ears Right now Alexa and Co. are listening to their users’ wishes via smart loudspeakers or mobile phones.

March 2019 Calendar Australia


Sooner or later, however, special hardware will probably be superfluous. Kitchen appliances and microwaves, too, already have voice assistants on board. “The tendency is for more than one microphone in the house,” believes “c’t” employee Hansen.

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READ ALSO Two female friends taking a selfie with a smartphone at homeSELSTAITSo crazy, it lives in a smart home. First, take the number of language assistants short-term, predicts Alexander Henschel, Managing Director at consulting firm Goetzpartners in Munich.

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“Then, however, three to five dominant players will prevail.” The smart home of the future will not only change the everyday lives of residents through voice control. A combination of sensors, intelligent camera systems and screens will help to cope with everyday life in the future, says innovation consultant Loeffler. These are the technology trends of tomorrowThe Consumer Electronics Show CES shows the future trends of the technology world in Las Vegas. Among other things, postcards and drinking bottles with a high-tech background or even a device that can zusammenge laundry.


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Source: WELT / Marcus Tychsen, Anna TietzSo could the networked home in addition to shopping and entertainment also ensure the safety of the residents – for example, by unusual movement patterns or noises interpreted as a possible emergency situation. Whether Internet companies, energy suppliers or telecommunications providers will hold the strings in their hands, is still uncertain. Television as a wallpaper Recently, television screens cracked ever new records of resolution. After HD (1280 x 720 pixels) came Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels).


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In the meantime, 8K devices (7680 x 4320 pixels) are already on the market. The new OLED technology also promises better contrast values. The added value of this superlative for customers, however, is questionable, the experts agree: “Even with HD you have very good pictures,” says Henschel.

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READ THE COMPUTER BildTHE FRAME IN TESTWhich of these images are Samsung TVs? What the housing If the TV is “on the way to the wallpaper,” says “c’t” editor Hansen. Super thin and roll-up displays let the new devices of some manufacturers resemble posters rather than the original Röhrenfernseher.Eines for all smart March 2019 Calendar Australia phone, notebook, tablet – still are the different devices. If you look at the new models, the classic categories blur more and more. With high-performance chips and docking solutions, smartphones will also be suitable as work tools in the future.

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