March 2019 Calendar Canada

Clearly believes that industrial designers, city planners and healthcare professionals in particular will benefit from this development. Job TeaserData ProcessingThe cloud, where all information is collected and processed at a fixed point, is complemented by distributed March 2019 Calendar Canada data processing. This solves some problems that will not be solved in the years to come Рregrettable as it may be Рconnectivity problems, low bandwidths, long waiting times. Gartner therefore recommends that companies incorporate edge computing into their IT architecture.


March 2019 Calendar Canada

Event Driven Acting Business events should be described more quickly and in more detail through Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and in-memory data management. The culture of leaders would have to change, planners and strategists would have to adapt to this event-driven character in their way of working.

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IT SecurityThis year they were called WannaCry and NotPetya, they attacked corporate and personal computers and caused immense damage. An IT security infrastructure that can continually adapt to new threat scenarios while remaining transparent to developers will be (again) one of the major technological challenges of the coming year. Gartner has developed a proprietary methodology that the company calls Carta (“continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment”). These were the technology trends for 2016.


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For your guidance, we also listed the top ten technology trends for 2016. Voice assistants, intelligent cameras or super-thin televisions: the latest digital developments focus on the everyday lives of users. These innovations are expected this year.10 DisplayEnvironmentally friendly printingHP promotes sustainability and high print qualityBefore years, they were smartphones, then VR glasses and, most recently, speakers with built-in speech assistants: new technologies are turning the lives of their users faster and faster.


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“In the years before Technology has come up again and again, and it has been hyped quickly without knowing the extent – from Google Glass to the drone, “observes Theresa Schleicher, consultant at the Zukunftsinstitut in Frankfurt. In the meantime, companies are focusing more, for example, on clever everyday helpers. Digital servant language assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or the Google Assistant have entered smartphones, laptops and living rooms last year.


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In the future, the assistants will be in almost all networked devices and waiting for commands. To the topic service report of Julia Ruhnau from the 23. January 2018: The control of many technis home-based functions should become even easier in 2018 with language assistants – if you want it.



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(Archivbild vom 07.08.2017 / For editorial use by subject service recipients.) Photo: Franziska Gabbert / dpa-tmnThe control of many technical functions in the home should be even easier in 2018 with language assistants – if you want it then Source: dpa-tmnGeraten the digital Assistants so far quickly to their limits, they will not only respond more reliably to direct comm March 2019 Calendar Canada ands in the future, but also understand indirect wishes. “In principle, one must be able to say ‘I’m cold’, and then the heating goes on,” describes “Artificial intelligence is one of the most important technology trends,” emphasizes Christoph Loeffler, Group Director of the design and innovation consulting agency Fjord in German-speaking countries.

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