March 2019 Calendar Cute

Descriptions and chances of the trends are deposited in the graph (by clicking on the trend name to activate). Estimates of the newly introduced maturity levels provide an overview of the current relevance (activated by clicking on the fields Hold / Assess / Trial / March 2019 Calendar Cute Adopt). The online version of the Solutions field exemplifies a dozen innovative, technology-based solutions from Munich Re.


March 2019 Calendar Cute


The report of the Tech Trend Radar 2018 (Download) describes the individual technological trends in detail. It demonstrates their applicability across the entire value chain, and discusses opportunities and risks of developments. In addition, Munich Re gives a recommendation for action on the radar for every trend from the perspective of insurers.


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Further information on the Tech Trend Radar 2018 can be obtained from your responsible Client Manager or our IT experts. The US market researcher Forrester presents his paper “The top technology trends till 2018 to watch”. A graphic representation of them assigns Forrester in three phases: Dawning, Awareness, and Acceptance. For each trend, Forrester also gives an estimate of its speed, ranging from “slowly evolving” to “advancing” to “accelerating.”




Connectivity: After the dawn of the Internet of Things, Forrester sees the smart, connected products that deliver new customer data and retain customers. This trend is only slowly developing, the analysts estimate. Pioneers such as John Deere, manufacturer of agricultural machinery, show that it’s not just about lifestyle products.



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Data analysis software: In particular, collecting more and more customer data – the acronym CX stands for customer experience – pushes companies to their limits. However, these data are playing an increasingly important basis for decisions. Forrester expects island solutions to make way for “Systems of Insight.” The goal will be to establish insight-to-execution processes.


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APIs: The relevance of application programming interfaces (APIs) for reconfiguring entire business models is recognized. As an example, Forrester calls the Danish Saxo Bank, which has decoupled its trading platform from the customer interface. This allows the financial institution to implement technological innovations on the trading platform without the customer noticing.CX: For Customer Experience (CX), awareness no longer needs to be created; decision makers are already putting the topic into their focus. The investments in Mobile IT, Social and Analytics are correspondingly high. However, the use of software has so far not followed any end-to-end principle. That’s what companies are going to do now.


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Security and Risk: Nobody needs to be told that digitization is associated with new security and risk requirements. The new slogan Zero Trust will set the direction, Forrester is convinced. Zero Trust describes the approach “Never trust, always verify” and March 2019 Calendar Cute refers not only to the technical side of security, but also to the behavior of users. Hyper-Connected Customers: If you believe Forrester, more and more consumers know exactly what time and over what Online store products are the cheapest to have.

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