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A forecast by IHS predicts that the number of devices that can be expected to IoT will increase to over 30 billion by 2020, to just under 75 March 2019 Calendar Excel billion by 2025. IoT’s prediction of IHS, © IHSDazu, is that of an analysis According to RS Components, billions of devices in public facilities will be connected to the Internet by 2020, including medical devices in the hospital, etc. This will also boost sales in this area.3.

March 2019 Calendar Excel

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The evolution of computing is about to take the next stepThe power of our computers is growing. However, it threatens to lag behind the requirements in the foreseeable future. Therefore, the latest development is already on the way: Quantum Computing. The phenomenon can also be seen in Gartner’s Hype Cycle for 2017.

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However, it is even more innovation-driven, with a developmental period of more than ten years to establish itself. Quantum computing seeks to leverage the physical principles of our world to deliver high-performance computing , Ambivalent states of particles should be used to build computers that can handle much more complex tasks even faster.

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IBM provides a crash course on the subject. This means that this is not yet a real trend for 2018, but one that will be repeatedly proclaimed as a new trend in the following years due to the progressive development. The advance of AI is unstoppableAlso applies that it was traded a few years ago as a trend. However, the rapid increase in data volume is also responsible for the fact that artificial intelligence is developing at a much faster pace thanks to its artificial learning. This is not only testified by Alexa,

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who now also has active messenger bots on Facebook Messenger or AIs like Mitsuku. Also in the Google Research Blog, we find an indicator of the immense innovation in AI. Artificial Intelligence has created a system that automates image analysis in real time. AI-based image analysis, © Google This is where AutoML and the project show System NASNet, as in the future with AI in specific areas can be operated. Automation: Influence on everyday life is revealedWhat was once processed in science fiction, is slowly becoming reality. Bots take jobs, either new jobs or jobs previously occupied by people. In the Gartner Hype Cycle,

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the Smart Robots are already near the peak of expectations. Forrester analyst Chris Gardner has stated that nine percent of 2018 US jobs will fall victim to automation. However, two percent new jobs are to be created by this industry. He explains: “In 2018, automation is going to be a hot topic for having a true and measurable impact on our day-to-day lives. March 2019 Calendar Excel Obviously, this is when looking at Norway. In 2018, the first automated container ship, Yara Birkeland, is to go into operation there. This is reported by Jonathan Webb, also at Forbes. So, automation should be one of those trends that has long been catching on, but will have serious consequences next year.6. 3D printer:

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