March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

This saves resources and increases security.2) Networks know by themselves what their admin wants digitization places new demands on networks: more flexibility, speed and security. Administrators can no longer do this manually, as the number of devices they control sometimes increases from 200 to 200,000. The solution is called Intent-based Networking. March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay These networks capture the diversity of devices as a single fabric, enabling devices to be automated in large groups be no longer individually and manually. You can imagine it as a self-driving car.

March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay

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You name the destination, the car does the rest. And the network? They say which office should be newly connected to the company, the network does the rest. “Intent-based networking” also means that networks automatically recognize the context of a situation and respond to it. They anticipate actions, detect and resolve anomalies, defend threats, and keep evolving. This frees up IT professionals from routine jobs and gives them more time to develop new solutions.3.) The new colleague: A virtual assistant business meetings can be completely different in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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In 2018, virtual assistants will support meeting management. Thanks to KI bots that understand natural language and context, wizards perform simple instructions – for example, “Send this presentation to Peter” or “Set up a whiteboard session with Ruba’s team”. This is the beginning. From 2020, virtual assistants will be able to summarize the most important topics after a meeting. Perspectively, the tasks of assistants become more and more complex. The beginning of this is.4) Blockchain: More than just Bitcoin Blockchain technology offers many possibilities, beyond digital money. For example, it allows goods to be tracked, services handled and data accessed. All this in a transparent, accurate and secure way.

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A big added value lies in the combination with the IoT. Automobile manufacturers could, for example, authenticate networked vehicles and the processes between them via Blockchain. That can be transferred. With Blockchain networked devices can authenticate themselves almost everywhere. I see other possible uses, for example, in elections, in health care or for logistics. However, to ensure widespread acceptance, we must first drive the standardization and interoperability of technology. In our alliance with Bosch, we are committed to this and for the better protection of networked devices. One of the first projects is the verification of router operating software.

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This shows that we see blockchain applications outside the crypto money sector this year.5.) Continuous risk assessment and automated defenseThe final trend is probably more of a desire than a de facto development. Because although with each new device, the security requirements increase, comprehensive security solutions are not self-evident. Today, automated and real-time attacks have to be responded to, IT security must be part of every development and project planning. Let’s think about destruction-of-service attacks:


March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay Word March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay Excel

Once successful, the affected companies are initially incapable of work. In addition they lose their data, if there are no comprehensive backups. The hacker industry is growing and becoming more professional. As a result, enterprise security departments need to scale. This requires comprehensive and continuous security concepts. For defensive March 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay purposes, automated solutions, machine learning and artificial intelligence are increasingly being used. The network can recognize and ward off malware in encrypted traffic without compromising privacy.

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