March 2019 Calendar Marathi

he is fragmented. Gartner recommends that brands identify specific scenarios in which AR and VR can make their employees more productive or improve design and training processes. BlockchainBlockchain, the basic technology March 2019 Calendar Marathi behind cryptocurrencies, is increasingly being used for other applications. Logistics, health, identity verification, manufacture or documentation of the supply chain are just a few fields of application.

March 2019 Calendar Marathi

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However, Gartner estimates that it will take another two to three years for the technology to mature. More about Blockchain can be found here. Event focusWith event focus, the market researcher does not mean more events. “Event driven” means that events in terms of digitally recorded events are recorded more accurately and must be responded to directly. Events in this sense are everything from a click, the completion of a purchase to the landing of an aircraft.

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Further technical developments (such as AI, networked devices, blockchain) facilitate the tracking and analysis of events. However, this requires employees who can also integrate appropriate logics into their concepts and processes and work reasonably with the input. Continuous Risk Assessment The final trend is to contain the risks in the tech world, along with all the opportunities. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment (Carta) requires real-time flexible assessments and responses. This means that, for example, IT security should not exist separately from development.

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“IT says no” is a brake pad that tends to be harmful to competition. At the same time, the risks of creating new doors, such as cyber-attacks, need to be managed clearly. Hacks like that of a large number of networked devices for one of the most massive Ddos attacks ever make the risks plastic. And also the security measures should be adaptive. With each new beginning new horizons open up. At the beginning of a new year, I look into the technology predictions that are being released these days. Gartner, Forbes or Business Insider see different trends and as always, not everything will become reality in 2018.

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The variety of visions and predictions, however, shows how large the potential space is that exists in the meantime. That excites me and every perspective adds a new piece of ideas and inspiration. This year, I would also like to add five predictions myself, which I think will become reality in 2018. It’s another part of the Possibility Space, based on my conversations with customers, partners, and developers, as well as our technology developments at Cisco.1.) Autonomous and Connected Things in the IoTThe networking of everything with the Internet of Things has been advancing for years. For the first time in 2018, networked devices will be deployed that can act autonomously – albeit differently than expected.


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Autonomous vehicles will probably not first appear on public roads, but at airports or in logistics centers. Autonomous, learning robots will be used in future from mining to waste management. Maybe AI-based drones can even change the March 2019 Calendar Marathi flight route automatically during the flight to avoid obstacles. What do we have from it? The application options range from the inspection of mobile masts to the mapping of rough terrain to warehouse management.

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