March 2019 Calendar Printable

To the topic service report of Julia Ruhnau from 23 January 2018: A device for all applications becomes ever more realistic. The device group of the Detachables (tablet and notebook in one) predict analysts a good future. (Archive image from 27.02.2017 / Only for editorial use by subject service recipients.) Photo: Andrea Warnecke / dpa-tmnA March 2019 Calendar Printable device for all applications is becoming increasingly realistic source: dpa-tmn hybrid formats such as convertibles, which function both as a tablet and as a notebook with a keyboard , are also increasing.

March 2019 Calendar Printable

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“The manufacturers are trying to sell people: That can be anything,” Hansen describes the development of the hardware. In addition, the trend is towards frameless displays and wireless connections.Advanced realityThe Hyp e virtual reality (VR), which culminated with the marketability of mass-ready VR glasses such as the Oculus Rift, has eased somewhat.


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In video games, the technology continues to play an important role, observes management consultant Henschel. However, even more important is augmented reality (AR), that is, the projection of virtual content into the real world. READYOU Unlike VR, it requires less processing power, and the hardware is not that complex. The technology is used, for example, as a supplement to navigation devices that project driving instructions directly onto the windshield of the car.


March 2019 Calendar Printable March 2019 Calendar Printable Free


“Building planners create and visualize buildings, enabling customers to view products in their own four rooms,” says Schleicher. For example, furniture can be dazzled on a picture of the room even before you buy it. We have talked to industry experts and summarized for you the most important trends for 2018 and show what really matters to IT managers. IT Trends 2018 (Source: Arts) There is hardly any industry that is changing as fast as information technology.


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If you look at the breathtaking evolution of the past 20 years, then it is noticeable that changes in IT are normal – but not always they happen as fast as at the moment. Cloud ServicesSource: KPMGThe issues of digitization and Industry 4.0 are bringing completely new challenges for companies. Increasingly automated business processes are increasing the pressure to develop new business models for digitization. Even if standstill means a step backwards, many IT decision makers are still wondering if they really need to follow any hype and take any new technology with them. What will happen to the IT industry in 2018?


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What new technologies will make the race? And what’s not an IT decision maker? We’ve talked to industry experts and summarized the key trends for 2018 for you, and show what’s really important to those responsible for IT. Incidentally, the IT departments have been running constantly new technologies and new challenges posed by digitization¬†March 2019 Calendar Printable , the main task is still to provide reliable IT systems. However, what is constantly changing is the way they are made available. New level for old trendsIn the coming year, it will be all about putting the existing techniques and topics into practice.

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