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Let’s take a closer look at the different time management tools. A craftsman not only has to know how to do his job best, he also needs the right tool. This also applies to “time manager”. Because the use is individual and dependent on personal requirements and preferences. While one prefers modern, electronic tools (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.), another¬†March 2019 Calendar Singapore one can not do much with it and appreciates organizing with the classic “manual” tools (calendars, notebooks, etc.).


March 2019 Calendar Singapore

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Before we look at the tools in detail, I would like to contrast the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and modern tools. Let’s start with the modern, electronic: I wanted to briefly show how important it is to find the right tool. From conversations with participants in my time management seminars, I know that some of them had great difficulty implementing time management because they chose the “wrong” tool.

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The printed calendar gives us a time and date overview – but nothing more. Depending on whether you use a weekly or daily planner, you have different amounts of space for appointment notes. Nevertheless, the “performance” of a calendar is limited. Scheduling with the calendar requires regular care, which demands a bit of discipline from the owner: he can only be a reliable time management tool if all appointments have been entered and, if necessary, provided with important additional information.

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A calendar is the basic equipment when it comes to planning your own time. It is especially suitable for those who like to have a permanent “date collector” who does not demand any technical know-how. The dream of paperless work is likely to be as old as the personal computer: According to a recent study, just under half of the Chief Information Officers consider the classic office printer obsolete. And why not? Paperless office sounds tempting: Finally, no unmanageable mountains of files, no wild phone number pranks in address books and no tangled paper notes more. There are plenty of approaches to realize the vision:

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tablet and smartphone note functions, project management tools, and plenty of calendar and contact functions. Nevertheless, I have personally found no useful replacement for my business cards. And just last week, I got a real moleskin notebook for free. Actually, I still prefer to keep my notes on paper. As my colleague Corinne Dubacher wrote: Paper should promote concentration and creativity. Traditional planning systems do not have to be old-fashioned! You can supplement the electronic planning in a meaningful way.

March 2019 Calendar Singapore Word PDF March 2019 Calendar Singapore

Because where one system has its weaknesses, the other has its strengths. The advantages of planning on paper are: Independence: Paper can be used anywhere, even without batteries or power outlets. Security: The data is usually not lost Рunlike the electronic solution, which can lead to data loss in case of system crashes. The only downside to the paper: March 2019 Calendar Singapore The perforated sheets can tear out, which is annoying with data that should be kept longer (such as addresses). It is recommended to use punch amplifiers.

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