March 2019 Calendar South Africa

Apple CEO Tim Cook is convinced that augmented reality could be just as world-changing as the smartphone. Google also wants to make its Android platform for advanced reality fit • VIRTUAL REALITY: Facebook with its purchase Oculus and the smart March 2019 Calendar South Africa phone specialist HTC have betted heavily on the technology in which users with special glasses on the head completely immersed in virtual worlds In the test: The first interactive surveillance camera for dogsSharePlay VideoIn the test:


March 2019 Calendar South Africa


The first interactive surveillance camera for dogsThe rapid boom, however, has so far been missing: The initially high price of the headsets, the high demands on associated computers and the often coarse-grained image discouraged buyers.2017 The prices tumbled, Oculus and HTC are also planning cheaper glasses that should get by without a cable connection to the PC. In 2018, it will become clear whether VR will make it more attractive to shoppers. Test: That’s why Google Home can compete with Amazon EchoSharePlay VideoIn the review:

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That’s what Google Home can do with Amazon Echo • ELECTRIC FLY: Powered aircraft were initially only for start-ups that built something like giant drones for one-two passengers. But inz The idea of ​​a quiet aircraft that does not burn tons of kerosene does not seem like science fiction. The German start-up Lilium tested a light aircraft with 36 electric motors in the wings and the machine with one battery charge in one hour 300 kilometers away.


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And Airbus is developing an aircraft that powers gas-generated power to power the engines. • DIGITAL ASSISTANTS: From 2011 onwards, Apple – although often bumpy – pioneered Siri. Amazon then virtually established the category of networked speakers with built-in digital assistants in its “echo” devices with the Alexa software. The Google Assistant relies on the artificial intelligence of the group and the knowledge of the users.


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In the meantime, it is about constantly accompanying people through everyday life. In 2018, the battle of providers for the favor of users will be further aggravated. (dpa) Gartner’s trend analyzes are always interesting pointers. Once again, the list of the ten most strategically important technology trends is worth more than a glance. The analysts of the market researcher in the top ten above all application fields for the use of artificial intelligence and scenarios of networking between online and offline continue.



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KI FundamentalsBy 2020, Gartner sees strong competition between the tech providers for who the best self-learning systems brings to the market. By 2025, deploying AI systems to make better decisions, transform business models and digital ecosystems, and transform the customer experience will be a key driver of digital innovation.



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For analysts, this also implies that companies need to invest significantly in acquiring appropriate know-how and tools so that they can work successfully with AI systems. Intelligent apps and analyticsIn the field of AI, the analysts derive two other March 2019 Calendar South Africa trends: the first is the embedding of AI in apps and analytics. “Within the next few years, virtually every app, application and service will involve AI,” Gartner writes. Some of these will be applications where it is obvious. For others, machine learning will work in the background.

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