March 2019 Calendar Templates

“The dominating 2017 IT issues will continue to drive the market the most, and whether or not there will be an increased demand for specific trends and solutions will depend on whether customer execution leads to repeatable business, or if it does March 2019 Calendar Templates Technology testing remains, “said Maik Hähnel, Chief Technology Officer at Vinci Energies Germany ICT and Axians.Bernhard Kube.”

March 2019 Calendar Templates


“Since companies have often implemented only selective activities in various digitization technologies, they are now increasingly adopting broad-based digitization strategies for Developing large areas or for the entire company. “” Bernhard Kube Vice President of Technology Consulting at Lufthansa Industry Solutions Johannes Wagmüller, Director of Systems Engineering CEMA at storage provider NetApp, sees it as similar: “With far reaching relevance For the mass market within a year, nothing noticeable, which is not already known in the beginning. I would say the existing trends are reaching the next level.


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“In the short term, according to Christian Hopfner, Head of Business Development at the IT house All for One Steeb, the main focus will be on further mobilizing processes and simplifying applications Use of information systems such as business analytics as well as modern work such as collaborate. “Companies that have addressed these issues or in whose industries it is necessary to remain competitive, the digitization will continue to drive forward.”



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Next year So for many companies to stay on the ball with digitization: “Since companies have so far only implemented selective activities in the various digitization technologies, they will now increasingly develop broad-based digitization strategies for large areas or for the entire company.” Bernhard Kube sums up , Vice President Technolo gy Consulting at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, the trends for the coming year together. Future technologies open up a galaxy of new possibilities.


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The adaptation of artificial intelligence, machine learning or smart data is massively and continuously changing not just products, but business models or even markets.Customers want to use the experienced advantages of technology in all areas of life – even in the financial world. More individual, transparent, simple and cost-effective – this is your claim.


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For insurers, it is important to identify relevant trends as quickly as possible and to take them in a targeted manner in order to continually realign products and services. This is a huge challenge given the unrestrained evolution of tech trends.Tech Trend Radar can assist insurers in the strategic decisions they make in terms of integrating new technologies by providing a qualified overview and clear assessment of key technology trends. For the first time, Munich Re is showing its own solutions and products in the radar, the innovations of which have emerged from the adaptation of Tech Trends.


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New business models driven by new technologies are part of Munich Re’s Tech Trend Radar 2018.The IT Trend Radar is only available in English.The online version March 2019 Calendar Templates provides a synopsis of future technologies in the four trend fields User Centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies (each field can be activated by clicking on the segment).

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