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But compared to the hype cycle of 2016, it has developed very fast.Blockchain infographic from PwC (with a click on the image you get to the larger view), © PwCGround enough to keep track of blockchains. This could be a really good old trend March 2019 Calendar USA in 2018.9. Platforms for companiesPlatforms like Facebook and Twitter are central to social media. Companies like Airbnb and Amazon are also based on the platform principle. But in the meantime, even more traditional companies are looking for their own platforms to provide better access to users.

March 2019 Calendar USA

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As Don Scheibenreif, vice president and analyst at Gartner, said at the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in Barcelona last year: Not every organization should be a leading role in a business ecosystem; however, every organization needs a digital platform strategy. This development is thus another trend that will become even clearer in 2018, although it is not new at the moment. After all, the digital platforms are among the top trends at Gartner.

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What are the technology trends that are really not to be missed? Blockchain, AI and IoT platforms are sure to be very interesting for next year, with AR and VR showing their everyday suitability best. The comparison with Gartner’s Hype Cycles shows that trends can sometimes last for years before they really become relevant to a broad mass. But this is also a potential. Anyone who perceives trends early enough can already work out a reaction to this for the future. That means for 2018: the technology trends are above all those,

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which concern you and your enterprise in some way. In addition, it has often been the experience that just deviations from trends can be successful; and possibly even specify a new direction. Nevertheless, you should always keep up with the times and take one or the other trend analysis. The source language, in which the original text is published, is the official and authorized version. Translations will be included for a better understanding. Only the language version published in the original is legal. Compare translations with the original language version of the publication. For companies looking for guidance in a confusing digitalized world, the American market research institute Gartner has the right list every year.

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Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends have the potential to significantly impact a company and its long-term plans. “IT leaders need to incorporate these technology trends into their innovation strategies or risk losing touch with those who do.” The trends are dominated by two meta-topics: artificial intelligence and machine learning. Virtual and Augmented RealitiesAlthough demand for virtual and augmented reality solutions,

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such as eyewear, Gartner analysts currently see little added value outside of the games and film industry. To change that, companies need to develop real-world March 2019 Calendar USA scenarios in which employees and customers benefit from insight into virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR). This could be a training environment, for example, the visualization of customer wishes as in Ikea or extensive design projects. One technology that combines both worlds is mixed reality, in which Gartner also sees great potential for the economy.

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