March 2019 Calendar Word

The advancement of technology offers a field of unimagined possibilities and again and again new trends emerge. These March 2019 Calendar Word are often understood as indicators of future development. But when does a hype become mass-suitable and everyday relevant? We’ve come up with some technology trends for 2018 – and they’re on the ball.

March 2019 Calendar Word

March 2019 Calendar Word Cute Excel

March 2019 Calendar Word


Technology Trends: Again? It is a legitimate question if there can be any new trends in the technology sector every year. After all, despite the rapid development that has taken place there in the l 20 to 30 years ago – technological innovations have not become an important element for users, companies and the like without an initial start-up time. Today, Netflix is ​​part of everyday life for many, and the company has been around for 20 years, with video on demand there for just over ten years.

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This trend and hype about online streaming services has become well established. Of course, this also depends on social upheaval. So, if we ask ourselves what the technology trends for 2018 are, then we wonder at the same time whether and when they will actually find their way into our everyday lives. Because many trends do not seem to have been completely new in the previous year. Maybe they take off really well?

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Big data expert Bernard Marr presents nine trends at Forbes. We take a look at it and at the same time look at how “old” these trends are. In doing so, we connect to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, which provides a good overview to better situate trend development.1. Our lives are in more and more data. This is actually less a trend, at least not a really new one. That data has more and more influence on everyday processes is inevitable with the Internet as the center of events. Advertising on the net, for example, is always better tailored to the users, because they always reveal more about themselves.

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Especially on Facebook, 2.1 billion users greet, are accumulated vast amounts of data. Owners of an iPhone X leave behind by Face ID also traces and there are certainly concerns about data security in circulation; Some express Geoffrey A. Fowler at the Washington Post. Even though we can not name a new trend with the flood of data, it is clear that 2018 will be all the more related to the disclosure of data. The Internet of Things is gaining momentumThe Internet of Things has long been an issue. That’s a comparison of Gartner’s hype cycles for 2016 and 2017. In both, the IoT platform is in the high expectations range;

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However, still far removed from the spheres of general acceptance and productivity.Gartner Hype Cycle 2016, © GartnerBis 2017 According to the trend report, the IoT platforms have not developed very much.Gartner Hype Cycle 2017, © GartnerAllerdings, the digital platforms including IoT platforms can also be found in the major trends March 2019 Calendar Word Gartner has proclaimed in 2017. Three Technology Trends from Gartner’s Perspective, © GartnerThese platforms could indeed be of great relevance in the coming year as the Internet of Things evolves.

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