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An excellent evaluation of the VDA Art Program by the international commission of experts, which has long tradition, is very important for Lithuanian cultural institutions, as it prepares competent specialists in this field who have been organizing high-level exhibitions for several decades, critically reflect on Lithuanian May 2019 Calendar Australia cultural life in the press, studying cultural heritage, writing ancient and modern cultures history, forms the activities of the most important art institutions and represents Lithuania in foreign countries.

May 2019 Calendar Australia


All this is done thanks to the art historians working in this program – bright personalities, many deserving of Lithuanian culture. For no other reason, four of them – Giedrei Jankevičiūtė, Lolita Jablonskienė, Helmutas Šabasevičius and Laima Kreivytė – have been awarded the Government Culture and Art Awards in recent years.


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We believe that it would be a huge mistake from artists, excellent specialists in their field, artificially invented and no study-based admission rules to deprive them of the opportunity to educate young art workers, and of us future creative workers and colleagues.


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Therefore, we ask you, until it’s too late, to create conditions for the development and improvement of the Vytautas Magnus University’s program for the 2018/2019 academic year.Studying abroad and student exchanges have become an integral part of higher education. But rarely who knows that another school can safely and genuinely experience another culture.


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“While living in the family, when learning at school, students develop skills that are needed in today’s world: to be part of a global community and, at the same time, to change in our society,” says Evelina Vilčinskaitė, head of the international exchange organization YFU Lithuania (Youth for Understanding). Speaking about the horizons opened in a new language, the opportunity to see yourself, Lithuania and the world differently, is told by the YFU program alumni – schoolchildren and parents.

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Gintarė Lazauskaitė, five years after the exchange, remembers the Thai tongue in Thai language. Before traveling to Thailand, the girl did not learn the Thai language – there was simply no place in Lithuania. But after a little while in the evening, while studying with the host mother, Gintarė understood the complex sound system in a few months and already only in Thai was already communicating with his friends.


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Amber laughs that some words have not been spoken for a long time, but the host mother has learned to distinguish between the words: “Just as a mother understands the language of a child who is just beginning to speak.” To learn Thai is a completely different way of understanding culture. Gintare says: “Thai language has many cultural codes that I would never know if I did not speak Thai. For May 2019 Calendar Australia example, courtesy: at the end of every sentence, the word of courtesy is said, which, depending on the relationship and status, is repeated more or less often. “Though the Thai language has already been badly forgotten – a perception of a different language system, according to Gintar, makes language learning easier.

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