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Returning to the wolf (the same and the lynx), there are a lot of hearings that have not been answered successfully.First of all, it is not possible to measure the number of animals from the traces detected in units (km) in linear lengths. Next, there are no mistakes in beekeeping accounting methods.However, if the “Baltic Wolf” actors¬†May 2019 Calendar Cute claim that the number of wolves in Lithuania is really determined in such route records, then the accounting error can only be positive.Let’s take the minimum possible error in animal records – 20%. Then by 2015 counted 292 wolves need to add 58. So, in the spring of 2015, there should have been 292 and 350 pilgrims in the country.


May 2019 Calendar Cute

When in 2016 all over Lithuania there was no snow cover on the same day, wolf records did not happen. But earlier, with the “Baltic Wolf”, we had discovered that Lithuanian wolves had normal sexual orientation and still multiplied. They also do not massively migrate to other states as Lithuanian citizens: it can be considered that the number of wolves crossing the Lithuanian border in both directions is roughly the same. The wolves lead 3-7 (8) newlyweds (A.Navasaitis. Forest Beasts. “Lutute”, 2007, Kaunas).


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Lithuania has no natural enemies. People have not been tired of their young for a long time. Food in Lithuania is really abundant in wolves, and no epidemics of this disease have been detected. This is why the infant mortality rate can reach 80%, as is sometimes announced (apparently outdated data since the wolves were destroyed).In my head, the abundance of wolf populations in juvenile offspring should increase by about 30%, and then in 2015.


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The beginning of the wolf hunt in our forests should have been around 455 (add 30% of 350) wolves. There were 60 wolves, then in 2016 In the spring, 395 beasts were to be multiplied. Adding 30% adolescence, 2016-2017 There were already 513 gray horses for the season.

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In theory, when there were no accounting, 453 wolves should remain in Lithuania this spring. In practice, there are many more wolves, but it is unclear why the Ministry of the Environment has grown to 292, why is it so worrying about the Baltic Wolf?


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Wolf populations are rapidly recovering and are also increasing in those European countries where they have been eradicated and have not lived for decades. Already there, the wolves cause considerable damage to cattle breeders, the number of people meeting with predators in urbanized areas is increasing (L.Balciuskas, at the European Parliament, on the problem of the management of the number of wolfs. “Our Drinkers”, 2015, No. 10).


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In the West, private property is respected more than it is with us, and there is a tendency to think soberly about regulation of wolf abundance. More recently, the wolves were allowed to shoot in Norway, where sheep began to slaughter, as if our wolf-fed hares were croutons. But why wolves do not grow in Lithuania? May 2019 Calendar Cute The answer is only one Рwe do not (or do not want to) count them correctly.

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