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It is not that the makers have not done their best to come up with surprising new content: both the first extra part Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars in the Vietnam War, in which you fight a Doom-esque battle on the red planet, Shapes for players who dived deep into Far Cry 5 a nice diversion fo May 2019 Calendar Editable r the now already completely exhausted Montana from the central game. There was also difficulty in new gameplaychanics: in Hours of Darkness, for example, an air attack can be ordered, in Lost on Mars you can go up with a jetpack.

May 2019 Calendar Editable

But the content of each expansion yields at most one long evening of fun, which is very brief for the total price of 20 euros that you pay for a Season Pass. For that you also get a remastered version of the full predecessor Far Cry 3, but it is visually unsightly when you are used to the 4K crispness of the fifth edition. And the theme of a third expansion – zombies popping in the scaffolding – does not make our gamer heart beat faster either.


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It is all well intended by Ubisoft, but just that extra effort that the game house does to get started with this unmasks the whole sacred model of extra downloadable content for what it really is: a cynical approach to players longer than necessary in a to keep certain game.Forest fires in California, which continue to expand rapidly, have already claimed at least six deaths. A partial alarm state has been declared in the state, where thousands of residents have also been evacuated. A suspected pyromaniac has been arrested.


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According to the emergency services of the Governor of California (Cal OES) about 63,000 hectares have gone up in flames. In total there are currently 14 fires throughout California. About 10,000 firefighters fight the fire.A 32 year old man, Brandon McGlover, has been arrested. He is suspected of being responsible for nine fires in the southwest of the county Riverside. On Friday morning he was charged with fifteen facts. He pleads innocently.

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The fire known as ‘Carr’, in northern Redding, northern California, demanded the lives of two firefighters on Thursday. Since Monday 32,700 hectares have been laid in ashes, 500 buildings have been destroyed, and another 75 others have been damaged, says fire service Calfire.Governor Brown proclaimed a state of emergency in the county, which could provide additional resources.

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The fire is currently only 5 percent under control. “She expanded considerably in all directions,” says the fire department.’Carr’ also claimed the lives of two young children and their great-grandmother of seventy, their family says Saturday in American media. A total of 38,000 residents were evacuated in the county of Shasta. The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, called the firebox “uncontrollable.” President Donald Trump signed a decree so that the Federal Emergency Agency (Fema) can support the local authorities.


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California is not the only area in the US that is plagued by fires. In total, 89 large wildfires raged in 14 different states on Saturday, according to figures from the American National Fire May 2019 Calendar Editable Center. In the US, 1.7 million hectares of nature have been destroyed by fire so far this year.

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