May 2019 Calendar Excel

When I was born Zyliuk, my rational mind was replaced by instincts. How to store it, how to breastfeed, to migrate – I just did not know it, I just felt it. In the first hours, the great May 2019 Calendar Excel naturalness of the relationship with the baby. And just after returning from the hospital to the house I realized that I do not have any newborn-suitable clothing, Vaiva Rykštaitė writes in the book “First time mother”.

May 2019 Calendar Excel

Then I felt a great deal of relief and realized that, in spite of mother instincts, I would need help, advice from a human being, an authority I could apply to. But then I still do not know how things will be confusing!


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From the Women’s Woman to the Passer-by-the-Road – it’s seen that the whole world knows how to be the mother of that child better than me. Older people, wealthier experiences or the number of children, benevolent attitude to asking questions at the supermarket’s box office, curious neighbors, web commentators, and fetish babes after ten years of classmates – all felt obligated to say what’s best for my daughters. The mobile application sent “news” daily on the phone: “Congratulations !!! Your baby today is four months old. Children of this age learn how to catch things.



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Lay your baby on a rug with toys that hang around and watch progress. Good luck! “Such reports unconsciously made me feel watchful, made a pride of location when Zyliukas learned something before the next gadget announcement, and made it a little crazy when it sometimes fell behind the” statistical child “development calendar. Finally, I deleted the program and blocked all the cowardly advisers on the social networks. However, having regained peace on my virtual screens, I still did not know which authorities I can cling to in real life …

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One day, the American woman, Family Woman, said that the time to turn the car seat so that the little girl would sit on the windshield: “Already a big girl, sitting her legs too long backwards …” I saw a video of a neck-ring trauma when children are sitting on a Youtube video Turning in front of the car seats, I saw that driving a child in such a way is far more dangerous than going backwards …

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But what is it in my Youtube before the Wimbledon of Wife? The Relatives Woman gathered read the instructions written in English on the side of the chair … “How much does it weigh?” Asking to look at me through the top of the glasses.

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I thought so! – Acne tongue. – Va, Zyliuke, now you’ll see everything like everyone else. How will you be fun Already a big girl, after all … – a meaningful look at the foolish mother of the child. My husband obeys the front seat belts. The boy is really happy with his legs, the Relative Woman clearly May 2019 Calendar Excel has brought in inner peace because of the comfort of a runaway grandchild; We all travel happily on another trip around Hawaii, and perhaps only in my heart there is anxiety – there was no need to turn the wrong seat.

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