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“Among young people, lately, it is extremely popular to work for free in various commercial festivals or major national arenas, helping to prepare for concerts, competitions. Young people in such cases call themselves volunteers. However, the Law on Volunteering clearly states that May 2019 Calendar Marathi volunteering is not possible in institutions whose activities seek profit, “I. Samytė emphasized. However, a number of issues may also arise in such situations.


May 2019 Calendar Marathi


“A commercial music festival can be organized by a public institution or association that is interested in educating its volunteers,” says Gaertner. – If volunteer meetings are organized, in which they reflect their experience, young people feel very well educated and experienced after volunteering, which could deny that it was not volunteering? “She asked rhetorically.Daugelienė said that volunteering should in any case be a personal learning process that generates benefits for society as well. “A heavy burden comes from the volunteer organization.


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A volunteer must have a mentor, a satellite who will prepare both his and his team for future volunteering, volunteering activities, discuss all the difficulties and joys that occur during volunteering. Therefore, genuine volunteering is organized, it should not be ferocious when everyone behaves as he or she is. “Volunteer Center staff say that volunteering has become a priority in many spheres in recent years. Nevertheless, this process seems to be as “lowered from the top”.


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“Encouraged by various international institutions, organizations are working on increasing volunteering. The problem arises when this is done incompetently, and does not endeavor that volunteering will benefit not only the organization, but also the society and the volunteer who seeks to cultivate himself, learn this new, “explained Samytė. According to her, the lack of agreement on the terms used and the lack of understanding of how volunteering should be carried out leads to confusion at the social level.

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According to Dauguleienė and I. Samytė, the current lack of dialogue between institutions and the use of different meanings as synonyms leads to distortions of the concept of volunteering in society. “Only by definitively agreeing on the concepts used, by discussing, answering questions and talking to long-term professionals can we avoid confusion and ensure that volunteering is organized in a qualitative way,” she says.

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Each of these five tasks requires a small pupil to work. Some succeed in managing all five tasks, others are causing great stress. One of the pre-primary education institutions provides targeted assistance in solving all five tasks, while elsewhere only academic achievements are emphasized.


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Will they start from five, or from six years old? This decision is sharper than this year’s five-year-olds, since they are free to make their own decision this year, considering the probability that their children will be “wounded” next year May 2019 Calendar Marathi when five-year-olds and six-year-olds will come to pre-primary classes. The decision to wait another year should be based on the belief that the Lithuanian education system will carry out preparatory work per year and prepare for the double flow of pre-school students.

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