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So far only “Baltic Wolf” representatives have been proud to have found a “good” method of accounting for wolves and lynx, which determines how much these beasts live in Lithuania.Now May 2019 Calendar Printable , according to the order of the Minister of the Environment KÄ™stutis Navickas, the accounting of game tracks in the snow is recorded in Paragraph 42 of the Rules on Hunting in the Republic of Lithuania.


May 2019 Calendar Printable


According to the trace of snow, hunters have always calculated creatures, counting now, but now the new rules of the “Baltic Wolf” have been approved for the purpose of accounting for beekeeping, which does not take into account the route of the aide area, but only the length of the route.

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It is argued that this method of accounting failed to work was proposed by the Clerks of the Ministry of the Environment, but suggested by some scholars whose names somehow are not published. It is good that although it is recognized that the absolute number of animals in a hunting plots unit can not be determined in accordance with such methodology, and these records do not affect the establishment of breeding limits for cervids.

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The objective of such accounting is to identify long-term changes in abundance of beasts. Hence, due to the establishment of carnivorous breeding limits, hunters will have to make another account, as it does at the end of each year at the end of the year, using traditional methods of accounting. However, if hunters use the old methods of accounting for one year to determine one number of beasts, and in the next year more or less, then that change in the abundance of beasts will be very easily determined by them themselves.

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It is unreasonable to say that hunters’ accounting is very inaccurate, with no possible misspellings for tracking. The professors who forced the Minister of the Environment to record the route accounting in the rules of hunting could explain how the changes in the abundance of beasts will be determined from the data obtained on individual routes and for which it will be used.

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For example, in a larger forest area, the vast majority of elk, especially during the deep winter, can spend one week or more on a larger forest plantation area and leave no trace on a constant route, and next year the route will go through 10 elk – this may change from 0 to 10 and so will fluctuate each years.On the whole scale of Lithuania, summarizing and integrating all routes into one whole, it is possible to determine changes in the abundance of individual populations of beasts, but not in separate units of hunting plots.

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And if that is the purpose of this accounting, then why does this program have to be carried out by hunters?However, changes in the abundance of Lithuanian May 2019 Calendar Printable beast populations can be assessed by the Ministry of Environment or other interested organizations according to hunters’ records and hunting data.


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