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Crazy procedures are accepted and wolf hunted. According to the letter from the Ministry of the Environment dated 11.11.2015, No. 12-1, -D8-8328, signed by Vice-Minister L.Jonasuskas, “The users of hunting plots who hunted a wolf before starting a hunted animal or before leaving the hunting plot uni May 2019 Calendar South Africa t where Has been hunted, has to inform the State Environmental Protection Service Information Acceptance and Management Center about the hunting of the wolf by telephone +370 (5) 273 2995 and, at the latest within 12 hours,


May 2019 Calendar South Africa

submit the relevant form (Annex 3 to the Regional Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of the Environment) ), and this notification must be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment on the same working day.”A mobile phone is not a mandatory hunting attribute, its batarnia can run out, there are no connections from many forest sites, then what to do with a hunted wolf if it’s shot in the middle of the forest for 100 km. from home, hunting individually?


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How do I provide Annex 3 to the Environmental Protection Agency within 12 hours, if the bug is hunted over the weekend (from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening)? Maybe you want to bring the head of the agency home or look for something in the market or in the church?



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The agency’s staff can already report on wolf hunting on a working day, so why can not the hunter agency do it on the first working day after the wolf hunts down? Why is it so terrible for every beast that is hunted?Shrimp limits (hounds restricted animals) are determined on the basis of accounting data with an accuracy of ± 20-25%, while hunted beasts are strictly counted in units.


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Will the animal population decrease, if during the season one or more beasts are hunted more or less?Really do not eat, you just need to record all the beast in the reports of hunted beasts. I believe that such a procedure is introduced only to allow hunters to be punished more often by environmental inspectors than they would like to do. And the wolves turned into some sacred beast at all.


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Maybe the Ministry of Environment is so afraid of noisy advocates and lovers of wolves. And as they “love” gray, one can judge from G. Žalkauskaitė’s call for the regulation of the abundance of wolves to be left for diseases: “Scabies regulate predator populations: when foxes or wolves begin to live denser, the disease spreads and these animals are reduced again. Why do not you like the hunter? ”


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It’s hard for a hunter to say something wrong with this statement. I would suggest, if not for such regulation, to put on the fur of a dead animal in a snow-capped style in winter (what kind of coat there is, if there is no hair). Since the man does not have fur, he has to throw away all May 2019 Calendar South Africa the clothes, get into the scabies of scabies, so that it is more fun to wait for the end, and let the snow in the cold winter cool down. I think it would be good .

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