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If the hunters’ accounts are not trusted, let the beast counted by independent counters. Are there any suspicions that hunting beasts disappear (boar swaddling does not allow them to do any extra billing)?On the contrary, their populations are increasing, for which the hunters are overloaded May 2019 Calendar Templates with meaningless work. Something seems to have nothing to do with, so I learned to work myself and loaded additional hardships for hunters.

May 2019 Calendar Templates


Hunters will not only have to run a few kilometers of forests, which would not be a big tragedy, but will still need to become professional computer and photographers.The hunters also crossed their forests along the length of the hunting trips, swallowing boobs ‘loops, or looking for and guiding the dead boars from the OMC – as some honorable citizens have said, all hunters’ movements in the hunting areas are limited to the “jeep” route – the turret at the couch …

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To calculate wolves, the route could be changed to where wolfs are expected to leave traces. By the way, although questioned, no one explained how, for several years, the number of wolves and lynx was determined by the traces left in the perimeter of the routes. Perhaps, therefore, so few of these beasts were counted.

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However, since route accounting is included in hunting rules, it is likely that hunters will have to carry it out. Well, though, the fact that tracking time has been left to hunters.Returning to the wolf (the same and the lynx), there are a lot of hearings that have not been answered successfully.

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In the past, there has been no consideration of my proposal to keep records of wolfs and lynx separately in separate parts of the country, depending on where snow cover and conditions are adequate for accounting purposes. It was expected that, until the same day in March, the snow cover would be suitable for accounting throughout the territory of Lithuania, which is not possible due to the changing climate.

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Due to the method of accounting, hunters also have various hearings. Part of their answers can be found on the website of the State Protected Areas Service, section “Žvėrių apskaita”. The methodology indicates that a route can be established on the fields if it is necessary to provide for a transition from non-connecting investigated habitats (forests, shrubs and wetlands).

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The VSTT explanation indicates that the length of the route in the fields is irrelevant, it is only important that the investigated habitats have the required route length. Why is it not indicated whether traces of animals should be calculated on the field path? If the length of the field paths May 2019 Calendar Templates can be as high as 15km, then how much you can count (for example, in winter cereal areas) roe deer trails. If the hunting area of ​​the forest is only slightly more than 100ha and there are no swamps or scrubs, then is it necessary to trap the forest around the area (the fields do not enter the area under study)?

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