May 2019 Calendar To Print

You have the best view of the lunar eclipse, if the view to the southeast is as free as possible. During the lunar eclipse, Saturn will show up in the south and Mars in the southeast, directly under the moon.Who thinks it is completely dark, wrong. The moon shines in reddish and yellowish May 2019 Calendar To Print tones.

May 2019 Calendar To Print

It is the cycle of an ambitious kitchen plan: want to have Caprese. Buy fresh basil in the pot. To indulge in the dream of the possibility of daily caprese and / or pesto dinners. Place the basil proudly on the windowsill. Happy how beautiful it looks. To feel very grown up. To look at the basil in the following days at the slow death.By 23:13, the moon is completely released from the Earth’s shadow. From then on, the eclipse becomes harder to see for the naked eye, but the moon will glow yellowish. At 1:30, the moon finally made it out of the partial shade of the earth.


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Doubt your own life. Dispose of sad-dead basil. Swear to buy now only portions of fresh basil for immediate consumption. Feeling like Caprese. Buying fresh basil in a pot … You know that. With the five golden rules for a happy basil shrub you can prove to yourself, the herb garden and the world that life has somehow been understood. Good luck!


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The basil pots are densely planted. This looks pretty, but leaves the plant little space to thrive. Better transplant into a larger pot or divide on three to four small pots. So the basil can grow and you can eat pesto even more often.All kitchen herbs are not as crazy inside, so if possible put the basil outside. But the windowsill does it too, as long as the basil gets enough light there. The herb is a light germ and needs a lot of sun and heat


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It’s a speechless story that describes the 26-year-old Genevieve Pascolla in an Instagram posting. She flew from London to Chicago in a “United” plane – and one man started masturbating next to her. An event that is not uncommon, as this story proves. But it got even worse for the young woman: the flight attendants even made fun of it.

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When she woke up and saw that the man beside her was masturbating under the blanket, she told the woman on the other side and they both got up and got new seats. But then the flight attendants started making jokes about it and asked “What perfume did you wear?”, And tried to apologize to the man – saying, “He had too much wine.”

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“No one stopped him, he was allowed to masturbate – with a child sitting nearby,” the young woman continues. After her official complaint, the airline needed one and a half¬†May 2019 Calendar To Print months to respond, refusing her a refund of the fare. She posted this email as a screenshot on Instagram. United Airlines speaks of the incident as an “unpleasant experience”.


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