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Jūratė considers that considering the distance between Lithuania and Australia, and the fact that Tully arrived here for about thirteen years, took about 36 hours, it is astonishing – why does he make such efforts to arrive in a tiny Lithuania? The exchange of students was an interesting story May 2019 Calendar UK of Lithuania, a past. But the exchange was mutually reinforcing: “He brought here his own family stories, the country’s historical experience. Just like him, our experience, the past of our country, was interesting. ”

May 2019 Calendar UK


“Tully was giving out his friends, so there were opportunities to communicate with young people from other countries, to see Lithuania in the eyes of other people: sometimes we do not evaluate or even downplay some of ourselves. It was so interesting how the young people were truly fascinated by Lithuania, and I have no doubt that they will come back here.

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“Jūratė confirms that the adoption of the exchange student was a common solution and challenge for the family:” It was unclear if certain things would be acceptable to our pupil in a family, , comfort. But nothing like that – at least in our case it was a perfectly adapted person who quickly adapted, and therefore we had a great deal of communication. Talk has never broken so far and Tully is already planning to visit us again. We know that our children are welcome in Australia – just have the opportunity and the desire. ”

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Kotryna Daraškevičiūtė, who missed the year in Switzerland, says that the first three months of learning German was the most difficult, but it was during this time that the girl’s opinion was successful and she managed to speak a new language. Coutry’s goal was to learn the language from the environment, not at the school bench. The girl is now glad that she can talk, get away from harsh situations:


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“It’s with living in the family that I learned to talk about earthly things that are needed every day,” says Catherine, and is glad that he uses the language of wives not only in communicating with his Swiss family with whom he is closely but also at work or, for example, in the preparation of food from German recipes.

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Augustė Ežerskytė, in the eleventh class, editing the Kintai School bench for the year in Norway, is considering that it is in the exchanges that a person becomes better acquainted with himself: “Before departure, it was quite a difficult teenage period, so the year of the exchange calmed down all the inner devils. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. This inner shock and discomfort greatly opens the mind, you begin to think differently. ”

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The girl tells her that the year of the exchange is described by her comparison: “It seems that somewhere there is a flight and the plane has accidentally thrown you. The first impression is that you do not know the language, do not know the home, the people May 2019 Calendar UK with whom you live and the initial shock is big enough, but later it passes and make everything look different. Most importantly, you start asking yourself questions and looking for answers. “

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