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Augustus summarizes her experience saying, “After school, often after school, students return to an exciting exchange country in that year, and my exchanges were different. I went to a wonderful family that was very cared for and worked for me, but it was quite difficult to find friends and May 2019 Calendar USA often long homes. But now that nearly four years have passed, I see that the year of change has had a great deal to my future. Now I connect it with the links between Norway and Lithuania. ”

May 2019 Calendar USA

Amber’s mother, Aušra Lazauskienė, says that the parents’ idea of ​​her daughter’s participation in the program was initially surprised and noted that the most important task was to trust – their child, organization and, ultimately, the host family. The family of Amber has agreed that the student will seek the sponsors themselves for exchanges and, as Mrs. Ausra says, this was a great test of motivation: “Finding sponsors for an exchange program is certainly not an easy task, so you have to constantly ask yourself why you need it, convince yourself and others, what kind of exchange will benefit you and Lithuania. ”


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According to the parents of Amber, the presence of the exchanges allowed the girl to discover the national identity: “A young man who has not left Lithuania often rarely questions such a question, maybe he has just reached a mature age, and when he is seventeen years old, he clearly understands what this means, for example, an important national costume I think it’s fairly rare, so exchanges will greatly accelerate maturity. ”

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Ausra also says that when her daughter returned from the land, where the cultural differentiation was very high, the family drew attention to tolerance: “We have seen much greater openness, the desire to understand, thinking that it can be different and everything is fine with it.”

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Dawn is considering that exchanges are not only a student, but the whole family. “It’s very important to release a child and emotionally – it’s not easy, especially for grandparents, brothers and sisters. A missing child immediately gets more attention from the surrounding, so you need to somehow give a boost. And then, after returning after the exchange, to adopt a different kind of child. Therefore, the exchange is really a whole family project, “Ausra says.

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Amber’s mother also thinks that the exchange of Gintare has destroyed the world’s walls: “A man thinks much more widely and sees more opportunities than restrictions. I think, first of all, it begins to see the idea, the idea and the means, and not the obstacle. There is such a globalization that I would call a sense of ease. ”

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Jūratė and Vidas family exchanged experiences from another perspective: they became the second home exchange student from Australia. When asked how to May 2019 Calendar USA make a new person to their family for a year, Jūratė says that new people, dating and communication always open up opportunities: in this way part of the world comes to your home, and this does not cost much effort.

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