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The importance of technology in this context is demonstrated by Wolfgang at the Ottobock stand with the new generation of the C-Brace paralysis brace. Going backwards, climbing stairs, mastering bumpy roads – what seems so simple was about 50 years for Wolfgang from Cologne-Lindlar not May 2019 Calendar Word possible. At age eight, he contracted polio, which left his right leg paralyzed. “Before my illness, I was very athletic, but at times I was sitting in a wheelchair or as a child with this old-fashioned rail apparatus run,” recalls Wolfgang.

May 2019 Calendar Word

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Because the now 68-year-old could not walk well, he started to swim and discovered his passion for riding. At the age of 40, the effects of post-polio syndrome came on and many everyday things became even harder for Wolfgang. The following years were also marked by falls and several serious leg fractures.

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A new way of life: go free of fearSince 2012, Wolfgang is cycling again, doing Nordic walking and yoga and occasionally rides again. This was made possible by the first C-Brace generation – the world’s only paralyzing orthosis that controls both the stance and swing phases of walking. The sensors in the joint detect which phase of the gait cycle the user is currently in, and the microprocessor controls the hydraulic resistance accordingly.


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“Without this support, I would collapse, my leg can not hold my body weight,” explains Wolfgang. “Modern technology has put me back on its feet – and it has left me running without fear.” For Wolfgang, this security means a new way of life: “When I think this way, I do not even feel that I’m disabled anymore.”


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Wolfgang also talks about his fate as part of a new digital media campaign, the Ottobock at the same time Rehacare 2018 on 26 September 2018 starts. Conceived and realized by the VICE network, short videos and photos in documentary style show how users master their everyday lives with C-Brace.Ottobock at the Rehacare 2018 Ottobock presents its solutions on the subject of “self-determined life” at booth A37 in hall 6 of the Düsseldorf Trade Fair , The focus is on wheelchairs for different requirements – from electric to active to sports wheelchairs.


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New features include the particularly agile Juvo mid-wheel drive wheelchair and the Zenit R high-end wheelchair with rigid frame for active users. Visitors with lower-limb neurological disorders, such as incomplete paraplegia, can also use the C-Brace on the stand to decide if the leg orthosis is suitable for her case. Ottobock also offers a quick test for those with weakness of the foot. Within a short time it is May 2019 Calendar Word possible to determine whether functional electrostimulation with the L300 Go system is suitable for them.Background to the new C-Brace®The new generation of paralysis orthosis has been available from certified medical supply stores since July 2018 available.

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