Tips and Tricks for Nova Launcher APK

When it comes to the best launcher for android, then only one app comes to mind, and that is Nova Launcher. The launcher offers various features that allow the most customization to users for any smartphone. And that’s why the number of Nova launcher apk download is increasing significantly. These numerous features can be used in many ways that most people don’t know.

Tips and Tricks of Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher Apk
Nova Launcher Apk


  • Hidden folders –


The most commonly used apps can be found using this feature. There is no need to swipe through the apps to find one. Users can make hidden app folder that will appear with an icon chosen by the user. When tapped the icon will open one app, but when swiped it will show all the selected apps.


  • Swipe actions in home screen –


Users can use two fingers to make swipe gestures to open many things in the home screen. Swiping up will open app drawer whereas swiping down will open google now. These can be changed on nova launcher settings.


  • Swipe on apps –


Also users can set swipe actions on the app. Like swiping on various apps to open different apps like swiping up on the calendar to open set remainder. These can be set on nova launcher settings.


  • Lock –


If anyone has broken lock switch then he/she can use the double tap to lock gesture of nova launcher to lock the screen and wake up the screen. This can be done on nova launcher settings.


  • Using emoji as a label –


Emojis can be set up for different apps to label them. This can make the icons look fancier instead of using normal words.

These were the most common tips and tricks to use nova launcher, but there are even more features. So to check them all out it is first necessary to download Nova launcher apk download.

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