November 2018 Calendar Canada

Zdravko and Sonja met at a party in Velimirovac in 1992 and married after ten months of contact. We did not have cell phones. We sent letters. I send a letter and wait a week – Zdravko recalled. November 2018 Calendar Canada They married August 11, 1993 in Našice, and on April 30, 1994, they had a great celebration in Beljevo. They live and work in Switzerland – Sonja as an assistant at the operating room at the hospital and Zdravko as a truck driver.

November 2018 Calendar Canada

November 2018 Calendar Canada

November 2018 Calendar Canada Word

November 2018 Calendar Canada Blank Free Printable

The life they built has been created thanks to the common effort, tolerance and conversation. For a successful marriage, they have a very simple advice – Sonja says the most important understanding and communication, and the forgiving and giving up. There must always be one person who will give up, which will pull and quit. After a few days everything will be normal again – concludes Spouse Gorupec. Silver celebrities add that the original enthusiasm passes, but loyalty, understanding and love remain.

November 2018 Calendar Canada Blank Excel November 2018 Calendar Canada Word Printable


The City of Slatina will also help parents to enter the school year early and purchase books for children of elementary school. The city will co-finance the procurement of textbooks and teaching resources for elementary school pupils from the first to the eighth grade for the school year 2018/2019. A financial support of HRK 300 per student will be provided by parents / guardians who have their permanent residence in Slatina area. More detailed information on how to get the city’s financial support for the purchase of school textbooks will be given to students and parents or guardians after city departments have agreed with the elementary schools. During the Đakovo Summer 2018,

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screenings of films are held, and today the movie Museum of Wonders is shown at 9 pm. Based on the celebrated novel by author Brian Selznick, the action of the movie The Miracle Museum follows Ben and Rose, two children from different time periods who secretly dream that their lives are different. The entrance is free.

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In front of Castle Pejačević, a workshop for modeling clay for children was held by Sanja Potnar, a teacher of visual arts and Ivan Hajek, an academy sculptor. ” ‘Children like to work with their hands, but this is less and less in their lives. And while the kids used to play in the mud, they are just typing on the cell phone today, so it’s interesting to find them, “Potnar said. She added that clay is otherwise highly valued in working with children, as it allows the development and training of fine motorcycles and manual abilities.



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The kids modeled clay, socialized, entertained and learned something new with creative work. Clay work impressed them. “I love clay because it is soothed. With my sister Erika I make a castle and go for good, “said Eleonora Begić.How much clay provides fun for the whole family, says grandmother Mirjana Majer, November 2018 Calendar Canada who came with three grandchildren. ” Workshop is beautifully imagined and children, besides having friends, learn something and learn, ‘said Grandma Mirjana.

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