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Pleasure at the beginning of works at the school is not hidden by the director of valdova elementary school Dalibor Košutić saying that he was five years ago when he became the director, set out the goal – looking for ways to rebuild the old and ornuding dance school. – If we only say that 75 percent of the windows at November 2018 Calendar Editable this school are 60 years old when it is built, it is clear that this project crawled for general reconstruction – explains Košutić. The works in Valpovo are also going to last, and as a few years ago the roof of the building was refurbished, it would not be covered by energy renewal.

November 2018 Calendar Editable


November 2018 Calendar Editable

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But that’s why they will completely set up the insulation on the building and the sports hall, edit the façades, replace the dormant windows, the front door and the entire building’s visualization will be completely changed. The school will also be rehearsed in the LED lighting, and the current heating to the heating oil will be replaced by a new fuel – pellet. According to the latest calculations, once all these jobs have been completed, the costs for the energy companies in the valley school should be 70 percent lower than they are now, let’s find out.

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Works on energy renewal of the Valpovo School should be completed by April 2019. The 15th Summer School of Youth of the Red Cross Society of Osijek-Baranja County started at the Osijek Red Cross Education Center. In the ten-day program, 150 young people from 14 to 30 years of age will participate. In addition to the hosts, young people from Samobor, Ivanac, Slavonski Brod, Orahovice, Korcula and Dubrovnik, as well as neighboring B & H and Serbia, and more precisely from Doboj, Tuzla, Novi Sad and Sombora participate in the Summer School.


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The opening ceremony for the young participants of the school was welcomed by the director of the Red Cross of Osijek-Baranja County Marko Đukić: – Summer School participants will be trained for the leaders of the Red Cross curriculum peer education workshops. And this year’s Summer School will be full of interesting lectures.


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A lecture on “The Government of National Unity – Experiences and Challenges” will be held by young people Franjo Gregurić, the president of the Third Croatian Government and the Vice-President of the Croatian Red Cross. Lectures will be held with interesting topics by former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic,


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Croatian Constitutional Court Judge Mato Arlović, Croatian Red Cross President Robert Markt and Marina Đukić, a teacher at the Department of Culture of the Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek – said the director of CK Osijek-Baranja County Marko Đukić, who on the first day before the opening held a introductory motivational lecture to the participants of the School. In addition to learning, the Summer School of November 2018 Calendar Editable Young Humanitarians expects much fun. The summer school, after the greeting of the director of DCCK Osijek Denis Ćosić, officially opened the judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia Mato Arlović as one of the main lecturers.

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