November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

Among the many sports events in this three-year period will be held, November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay as announced at the press conference of motorbikes, bicycles, sports games, soccer and handball matches, and wrestling, tennis and shooting tournaments are also arranged. From the entertainment and cultural-artistic events in the three weeks of the celebration of the day of Slatina city there is a whole series of various concerts,

November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

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then will be held Festival of Slave talents, there is foreseen the art colony, exhibition and presentation of Indian culture, and events that will surely attract the greatest the visitor’s attention will be the traditional fair How Our Old and International Sweet Folklore Festival worked on Sunday, September 2nd. It has been agreed that associations and clubs that have participated in the celebration of the Days of the City have also held their earlier activities. Within the program of marking the Days of the city,

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they are always eager to visit gastronomic events, and it is expected that this year many teams will participate in the festival Open championship in boiling chicken. The first cultural and historical manifestation “Sparkling wine goes home” is expected in the framework of the First Croatian Champagne Day on August 31 and September 1st. The Đakovo Club is organized and the City of Đak is sponsored by the street basketball tournament, which will be held on Saturday called Decathlon streetbasket Đakovo 2018.

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What makes it an interesting and especially attractive place to be. Namely, for the first time J. J. Strossmayer Square will serve as a field for sports activities, and it can be said that the City continues to promote this space as a multifunctional. There have been various programs so far, and today, under the tower of the cathedral, the basketball will play. As the president of the CC, Đakovo Robert Majstorović, told us last year, he was thinking about the square as a place of maintenance.

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“As this year’s square is in place, the idea itself has imposed on itself. For several years now we are trying to organize the tournament as a summer offer in the form of fun for young people November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay of our city. So far it has been in the City Pool and the field next to the sports hall, and this time it will be held on Strossmayer Square, which gives each and every one of ours a dimension more than this – said Majstorović.

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This area is bordered by the Djakovica beauty cathedral, the bishop’s courtyard and the curia is truly representative as a sculpture for every program that is taking place there and it will surely attract many curious people today. “The square is indeed a good stage, and it is important to stress that we do not undermine the dignity of this area – says Majstorović. five and a half miles will complete the modernization of the road not only for the municipality but also for the villages that lean on it. The value of the works is 14 million kuna.

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