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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Tomislav Tolušić invites all schools to join the School Scheme because it is an important factor in acquiring healthy eating habits. Apart from November 2018 Calendar Marathi free meals, this scheme has an educational character as it anticipates a visit to local food producers. Children are most important, so the scheme incorporates a short supply chain system so that schoolchildren have the latest and best-of-breed domestic products, Tolušić said.

November 2018 Calendar Marathi

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Suppliers deliver 100 to 150 g of fruit and vegetables per child per week and 0.15 to 0.25 l of milk, yogurt, cream. Since the start of the Scheme, fruit suppliers have been paid about 54 million, and milk and dairy products have been paid 5,000,000 kunas. In that period, children consumed more than 4.5 tons of fruit and drank 1,200,000 liters of milk and dairy products. Among them are pupils of Ivanov Goran Kovačić.

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“In the school scheme we were all her years, and we will be in the future as well. How do children, say the generations most likely to decide for pizza, hamburgers, react to homemade food? Let’s say that 90 percent of the food in Scheme eats, but there are also some apples with which a child plays football, honestly director Tihomir Benke. Suppliers of the fruits of this school are, from Đakovo and Bizovac, and the dairy milk from Valpovo.When it comes to school nutrition, Mršić says that a large number of schools lacked food supplies because of the lack of equipment, and that the Orizzonium has since introduced food twice a week for food.

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– Each month a menu is brought. Sustainability of a project depends on the enthusiasm of staff in a school kitchen that needs reinforcement. All schools have this problem and the problem of equipment, says Mršić. And Benke remembers about five percent of the students in their school, behind whose diet the EU funded and since January 15, after signing with the County, everyone has a free meal.

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– Not all parents signed. What is the reason – the prejudices about the free diet and connotations that somebody pulls from it or something else, we do not know, says Benke. From August 25 to September 25, the website of the Agricultural Payments Agency will announce a call in which the founders of the school can express their interest in participating in the School Scheme, while suppliers will be able to apply throughout the school year.


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The ministry states that the implementation period of the scheme will move in a month and that schools will be able to start distributing fruit and vegetables and / or milk and dairy products from 15.Now once again in a series of working meetings on the celebration of the City Day, celebrated On September 1, Mayor Denis Ostrošić gathered heads of city administrative departments and representatives of many institutions November 2018 Calendar Marathi in the city. The meeting includes a three-week program covering August 24, and will continue until September 16.

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