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One can and wants to discuss only limited with the intern. You might have to seriously admonish or even admonish a co-worker with whom you are friends and on weekends de still celebrated the baptism of her child. This is about finding out the personal best mix between authenticity (who you are) and role (which is expected) and accepting that certain contradictions will always remain. November 2018 Calendar Pdf  Need advice but have less and less guidebooks At the level of department heads is the internal competition often considerable. In fact, every editorial and budget session is a struggle for distribution, and not everyone succeeds in seeing it as a sporting contest without personal animosity.

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The higher up, the fewer are in a comparable position – and thus the number of people who really understand you is decreasing. In addition, one must not talk about many topics with others who are also competitors. Therefore, some executives feel surprisingly lonely when it comes to professional and personal exchange.

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November 2018 Calendar Pdf

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Often, substitute advice from spouses or friends who are unfamiliar with position and industry is often a problem. Some embarrassing conference contributions begin with the words: “Well, my wife said …” More profound counselors are often former study friends or volunteer colleagues who have also made a career, albeit perhaps in a different industry.

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Many challenges are cross-industry. A good executive seeks early expert, equal discussion partners. All these questions are manageable and not necessarily bad, but require the departure of some childish ideas. A boss is not someone who “says what is done” – rather someone who paves the way between many contradictory constraints.

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The solutions are rarely liberation strikes, rather painstakingly worked out compromises between the extremes. At the same time, this makes the job as a leader exciting and interesting: if you want, you can actually do your job quite often yourself. About the author: Attila Albert (45) accompanied with his company Media Dynamics for several years media professionals in the professional and personal reorientation.

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Albert started working as a journalist himself at the age of 17. Initially at the “Freie Presse” in Chemnitz, one of the largest German regional newspapers, later a total of 23 years with Axel Springer, among other things as head of text and special assignments at the “Bild” Federal Edition, then as an author at the Ringier AG in Zurich. As a part-time, he has trained as a coach in the US and previously completed a three-year web developer studies.

November 2018 Calendar Pdf Blank November 2018 Calendar Pdf Blank Excel

November 2018 Calendar Pdf Blank Excel Download Pdf Free

When the US Internet giant Amazon launched its voice box called Echo together with its language assistant Alexa in the fall of 2016 in Germany at the start, jumped the domestic audio world quickly on. Already in January 2017, their aggregator named Radio Player started with a skill, a kind of voice app, in the Alexa app (“kress pro” 4/17). Almost at the same time, individual stations such as Antenne Bayern or November 2018 Calendar Pdf   Radio Gong 96.3 ventured with their own skills on the new platform. Meanwhile Alexa is in the Music & Audio category at Alexa for the 70 voice apps of German FM programs.

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