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When I was fired I slipped and broke my ankle. I was immediately taken to the hospital where I got gypsum and now I am on sick leave – Milan Brkljača, the commander of volunteer Newcastle firefighters, told us. The firefighters received the fire alarm at 23.10 hours, and in five minutes they arrived at the intervention site. “When we came to the scene we found a fire in the stage of the fire, the fire was located at 23.45 pm We November 2018 Calendar Spanish spent the whole night in the fire, and the last forces came this morning at 7.20 pm The intervention was attended by 13 members of the Public Fire Department and DVD Nova Gradiška and three members of the Ljupina DVD – Siniša Makovičić, commander of the Public Fire Department of Nova Gradiška, told us.

November 2018 Calendar Spanish


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On Wednesday, police were conducting a firefighting inspector on fire in the adaptation in which the fire broke out. It was found that the fire occurred due to technical failure, ie short circuit on the part of the electrical installations that were on the roof of the hall. In the fire, the entire building is hollowed out. The resulting material damage, without any expert estimate, is costing several hundred thousand kuna – we know from Stjepan Kukur from the Polish-Posavian Police Administration.

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There was a fire in the same plant 13 months ago, and workers gathered in front of the company yesterday, wondering what would be their job. Ljuboja Kolar, owner of FI-MA, told media that despite multi-million dollar damage should not be afraid of being canceled. The company FI-MA has about 90 employees, similar to a fire last year in July. Unfortunately, we are now repeating.

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Damage is quite large, it has burned up of about two thousand squares, the concrete is all powder for high temperatures, we will see the walls to see if it can be saved. The equipment was inside, it is difficult to calculate what the damage is, but it’s a million kuna. What about the workers? I hope that we will repair part of the damage that has arisen on the electronic storages so that we can start working as soon as possible. People do not have to be afraid of work. We are still missing about twenty workers – said, among other things, the owner of the company for Radio Nova Gradiška.

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A man who was found dead near a TTTS building site (Split-based transport terminal) was killed, a young man said, according to the Split-Dalmatia Police Administration. According to unofficial data, the police investigate the suspicion that a man was killed in another place and left behind at TTTS.


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In addition to heavy wounds on the head, the man on the body also has splashed wounds. The identity of the murdered is not yet known, and the police are working intensely to establish their identity November 2018 Calendar Spanish and investigate the crime. Along with the police, he was also the deputy of the County State Attorney’s Office. The police had received a notice of finding a non-life police at 7.39 hours of a random passer-by.

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