November 2018 Calendar Templates

The anniversaries have been marked by an evening in the intimate circle. November 2018 Calendar Templates But this important date this year marked a touching great celebration for which Sonja did not know! Namely, Zdravko remained in Switzerland for work, and Sonja came with children to vacation in Croatia. She spent a week at the house in Beljevi, and then she went with her daughter Michelle to vacation on Dugi otok. Mihael’s son stayed at home doing plumbing jobs in the attic of a house that re-builds for the living space.

November 2018 Calendar Templates

November 2018 Calendar Templates Excel

November 2018 Calendar Templates


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When Sonja’s wife informed her that after coming from the sea she went to dinner with her cousin, Zdravko decided to take matters into her own hands and turned everything around. He has invented a brilliant plan for a wife to surprise the celebration of the wedding anniversary. The task of making a surprise, says Zdravko, I gave a sister-in-law Snježani, who masterfully cared for and organized an unforgettable silver party. “After having called me one evening from the sea and told me to go to Snježane, my sister, at dinner, Hello,

November 2018 Calendar Templates Word Excel



this is your chance for a good surprise and to kiss your wife for the anniversary of marriage. I immediately called my cousin to tell her that it would be my surprise night for Sonja, but we would invite her relatives, friends and neighbors. Naturally, Snježana agreed and asked her to organize everything because I was not sure when I would come from Switzerland. My plan was explained by the ‘boss’ who showed understanding and gave me free days so I came two days before the celebration. The Snowman, who has organized everything, has to give a confession to work – said 49-year-old Zdravko.

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The celebration, which was a true meal, with lamb, suckler, salad, cake and cake, was held on the estate of Danica Jovic in Gornja Pustana near Orahovica. The closest relatives and friends gathered, and Zdravkov cousin Dražen Svečnjak arrived with his wife and children living in Brussels. Sonja, who accompanied Zdravk’s cousin Suzanne to a celebration, was surprised to see a lot of cars on the estate.

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And then there was a real shock as he climbed the stairs to the big summer terrace. Zdravko, hiding behind the bar, comes with a rose bouquet and stands in front of her. The visibly excited Sonja could not believe what had happened to her. She remained silent and with an incredible speed fled to the hug of her beloved. “Seeing a lot of cars and people on the terrace, I thought first that Snježana wanted something to tell her relatives and friends. Soon the tambourines began to play. Nothing was clear to me. I looked at Suzana, and she just shrugged.

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I looked surprised by all those gathered people. But when I saw Zdravka coming from the bar, my legs began to dribble and tears swirled. I was left speechless, “said 46-year-old Sonja. Although most men find the problem when they start thinking about the ideal gift for their better half, Zdravko h November 2018 Calendar Templates as once again shown himself as a creative and wonderful husband. Surprise sonju surprise her with a beautiful silver collar and bracelet.

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