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The school lasts for ten days and will end on August 27th with a grand closing ceremony. The big monsoon and concert of Krunoslav Kce Slabinca was completed several days ago by the Day of the Municipality of Nova Bukovica. The parish and parish church are dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin November 2018 calendar To Print Mary, and this Catholic celebration is also celebrated as a Day of the Municipality. The marking began on August 10th with sports meetings, competition of Croatian war veterans from the area of ​​the municipality and then the first children’s miniature tournament on opening ceremonies mini golf and children’s playgrounds.

November 2018 calendar To Print

November 2018 calendar To Print PDF

November 2018 calendar To Print


The contribution of the marathons of the Virovitica-Podravina County, the Messenger of Truth, also contributed. The following day, Memorial Children’s Fire Games dedicated to Martina Strapac Knežević were held. On the same day at the football fields in Miljevci and Novi Bukovica they played with in three games, in which the forces were met by NK veterans and veterans Mladost Miljevci, NK Standard Nova Šarovka, NK Mladost Čađavica, NK BSK Biškupci and NK Zrinski Nova Bukovica.


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The fourth, memorial match “Đuro Škorić” was played by NK Kaptol and NK Zrinski. Sunday afternoon marked the show of folklore, and on Monday was the solemn praise of the Municipal Council. It was also a day of remembrance of all those killed in the Homeland War and throughout history, and a longtime pastor Alojzije Stanek with a visit to the local museum in his former parish apartment.

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The Tuesday is devoted to the first gathering of drummers and roundabouts and the fun with the band Rokeri. The Feast of the Great Lady in the parish church of the Assumption of the BDM in Novi Bukovica served four holy masses, and the central concelebrated celebration at 11 am was led by vlc. Siniša Pausic, parish priest of Župe sv. Martina in Podravska Podgajci, in communion with the parishioners Augustin Tašić from Sopja and Marij Matijević from Nove Bukovica.


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Parish priests Vladimir Skrinaric from Podravina Moslavina, Stjepan Vuk from Čađavica and Nedjeljko Androš from Čačinac participated in the Mass. In inspired sermons, Siniša Pausic emphasized that human material and intellectual progress and prosperity were not accompanied by spiritual advancement, and that is why we “live in a time of great decadence, the breakup, the disintegration of the system of the world and the life we ​​have known so far … and that is why we became a people who are extinct.”


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And as the sunflower turns to the sun, which is a source of life, he called for people to turn to life, to God and salvation. The marking of the Day of the Nova Bukovica Municipality and the BDM Assumption was completed with a great party with the concert of Krunoslav Kava Slabinca. A large fire on Tuesday night November 2018 calendar To Print completely devastated a part of the saw in Nova Gradiška. At the fire in the former DING factory, which was taken over by FI-MA at the beginning of the year, the commander of the Voluntary Fire Department Nova Gradiška was severely injured.

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