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Not so few, considering that at many radio stations no right enthusiasm for the new distribution path wants to pay. This is shown by the fact that the stations, which have been around for a while, do not spread cheers or start other skills. Echo and Alexa are the next big thing for some enthusiasts. The future belongs to the auditory web, nobody has to type in his concern any longer. Hear now November 2018 Calendar Word is the new vision and break for the audio providers thanks to the cloud and artificial intelligence to a golden age, in which they can use heaps of data to develop more personalized listener and promotional offers.

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That’s why many channels are struggling to come up with a clear strategy for Alexa, especially as this way further audio competitors are pushing into the market and with Amazon, a new gatekeeper occurs. For Steffen Müller, managing partner of Radio 21 and Rockland Radio, language assistants like Alexa are therefore a dubious thing. November 2018 Calendar Word Printable

November 2018 Calendar Word


On the one hand, they simplify the technical handling of offer platforms and make it easier for the listeners to play the appropriate streams for them. On the other hand, they also have a disruptive effect: “Alexa or Siri are the entry-level portal, which means they.

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the have everything at their earliest and they can arrange which platforms our broadcasters will listen to.” And should the charming language assistants one day have a much higher market penetration than today, then Amazon or Apple would use the Audiostreams over he lets their platforms pay, Müller fears.

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Anyone who succumbs as a sender to the lure of the simplification by the language assistants runs the risk of losing the direct connection to the listener, Müller fears. However, in the digital age it is more important than ever: “The future of radio is in big data.” Müller’s strategy is therefore clear.

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he wants to keep his sovereignty over the data of his offers as completely as possible and goes to Amazon Alexa at a distance, because he understands the service as a competitor for the favor of users. Rockland Radio: own app and sovereignty over the data But many radio managers are not ready yet. Some may even mentally lag behind the analogue FM world, where frequencies were scarce and the competition manageable.

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The listeners of Radio 21 and Rockland Radio should not even get the idea to use the programs via a language assistant. That’s why Müllers stations in the Alexa app also have no own skills. They  November 2018 Calendar Word can still be found for Echo users anyway. Who asks Alexa to open Radio 21 or Rockland Radio, for the US aggregator TuneIn plays the streams. You can also use them via other aggregators such as or radio player, if you have their skills activated. But Müller’s goal is quite another: “We want to win the listeners for our app.

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