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If we imagine man as a fundamentally electromagnetic being instead of a chemical one, we can imagine our beautiful existence as wave fronts in space. October 2018 Calendar Excel Our personal ‘space’ is not completely empty, but can not be conceived otherwise than our matter, which manifests itself in a special way, that is, as ‘waves’.

The characteristic feature of the universe is not matter but empty space. It is part of the surrealistic quantum empire. It is in all of us because the space of space between our atoms is astronomical. The void is both a dynamic and receptive field. This is the basic state of existence that the mystics sought in their meditation to move beyond the mind and Maya.

October 2018 Calendar Excel

The unborn One is the unborn Spirit, the unborn dream or the vision. Because of its preexistent state, it is eternal, beyond time and space, always without exception. It is inherent in its paradoxical nature that it can unfold from initiation into the unconscious consciousness of “ordinary” experience, ie, dream healing, vision seeking, and so forth. As a patterning principle, it transcends and contains all forms.

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Beyond our wildest imagination, the opening of this door to chaos invites an influx of the previously suppressed unconscious. It manifests the return of natural wildness. It is embodied as a kaleidoscopic, pluralistic chaos consciousness. It can practically burst into consciousness, resulting in profound changes in personality, autonomous balance, understanding, and behavior.

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The ego itself is chaotically grounded, showing its own self-organization and adaptation. As a system, it is its own expanding universe. You expand by separating, differentiating and reintegrating, as well as rejoicing the alchemical maxim ‘Solve et Coagula’.

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The isolated, alienated ego is trapped in the dead void of its own development. It perceives the ground state as a vast black hole, a bottomless pit whose magnetic pull it fears. If it finds itself within this hole, it only hears the stupid echo of its own screams. Withstands the pull, the ego / hero can also be unintentionally pulled into the adventure.

October 2018 Calendar Excel

“From the perspective of the ego, looking at its own supporting field and its developmental context is like looking down on a massively swirling whirl of dance forms that retreat further into haze and possibly dim darkness.”

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“He becomes an expert in cross-sync and transcendent levels of his own internal structures. What was once experienced as dismemberment and insanity now becomes exploration – a world of symbolic transformations of internal neurological processes. ”

The internally generated images in the Sensorium are perceived as ‘real’ as the outer world. These pictures are embedded in affect fields. Entering into the other world is usually accomplished through a process we can describe as ‘portaling’ using a kind of portal, door, tunnel or vortex to navigate the rift between worlds.

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In the early stages, the wanderer typically enters a over-stimulation-induced trance state because the ego is submerged and overwhelmed. The experienced wanderer can maintain the branch of consciousness where the ego is detached and stable while polyphasic consciousness flows.

If we take the shaman, he is the one who has learned not only to survive and adapt in this state, but to really thrive on the chaos. In the shamanic consciousness, the flesh meets the spiritual world.  October 2018 Calendar Excel Through such a journey of consciousness, we can have the experience of thriving on the chaos and facilitating the destruction of surviving adaptive patterns and the subsequent transformation through polyphasic processes.

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