October 2018 Calendar USA

In any case, it was not advertised very extensively. A typical summer-hole theme is that European citizens are allowed to express their opinions. retention everything is well and uniformly regulated. As long as the earth is something similar to a sphere and turns around itself – like the sun October 2018 Calendar USA – becomes there are day and night and time zones. Inadequacies. From the perspective of man. He (still) has to accept, like a jet lag while traveling. Without time change, however, Europe would be spared at least one jet lag per year. Christiane player zwche be careful from the first grape. The berries land gently in the red basket.

October 2018 Calendar USA

It does not take long for the deputy winemaker to fill the container to the brim. Actually, no unusual picture at the State Winery Schloss Wackerbarth. Season after season, the grapes are read by hand here. Nevertheless, this year is somehow different. A glance at the calendar makes vintage so special.


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It started on the 6th of August – more timely than ever. The first grape varieties, such as Solaris, are already ripe. “If we do not harvest now, the acid builds up in the grapes,” says Christiane Spieler. More sugar would also mean more alcohol in the wine you do not want. “In addition, the grapes would now lose water and shrink,” explains the wine expert, why the harvest can no longer be maintained.

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Responsible for the extremely early maturity are the special weather conditions this year. It was not even the heat of the last few weeks decisive, says vineyard manager Till Neumeister. “We had a maturity advantage of three weeks already in spring.” At the beginning of April, the buds of the wine open and the flowers begin to grow.

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At exactly this time, Saxony was one of the warmest and sunniest regions in Germany with over 250 hours of sunshine. This had an effect on the wine buds, which developed particularly fast, says Neumeister. Because it remained very warm after April, the wine already flourished in late May, and thus about three weeks earlier than usual. The vines have been able to keep this advantage for the warm and sunny summer until now.

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Experience shows that many are interested in when their health and habits are affected. Lack of sleep on the one hand, lack of light on the other hand, and the well-known jet lag feelings, all this is of course an issue and should be taken seriously. However, one should not pretend that either with the abolition of summer time or with their.

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Compared to the grain, however, the vines are relatively undemanding, even as far as the little rain, says the wine-growing director. In addition, the leaves of the wine had to be intensively maintained, says Neumeister.

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Doch in the extreme drought of recent weeks, even the winemakers had to help. In the steep slopes, for example at the Golden Carriage, and in the Junganlagen,October 2018 Calendar USA where the vines do not have deep roots, was irrigated additionally. In the early morning hours, between five and seven o’clock, the wine regularly got a shower from the tanker.

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